Expectations Versus Reality: A Fresher’s Perspective

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A look at the expectations of a fresher in the University of Delhi (DU) and the reality which sets in half a month into college.

After the mad scramble of getting a seat after the cut-offs came out settled, and there were a few weeks left until the beginning of life in college. Everyone began cultivating certain expectations from college, how they will fit in, how the culture would be different , how life would change after we got into DU.  Two weeks into DU, have these expectations held or did reality turn out to be different?

DU is known nationwide for its academics, and everyone had expectation of a different level of education regardless of where they came from. Jason Patrick Gomes, a resident of West Bengal, and a first-year student at Kirori Mal College says “In Bengal, there is a big hype about the University and it is considered one of the best universities in India. However, expectations are different from the reality, so when I entered the college, the ambience and the crowd was good. After a while, the reality set in. The fans were not working and sometimes we couldn’t even  hear teachers. But it’s still good, it’s okay.”

Sehaj Singh, another first-year student from Kirori Mal College expected college to be similar to school.  He said, “Unlike schools, there are no compulsions about attending classes, and there is more freedom, you don’t have to attend classes. It’s your choice, you set your own priorities, whether its classes, societies, or maybe just sitting in the library, or working.”

In the university space, there is an air of diversity but also acceptance of everyone. While DU has not met all our expectations, it has thrown some surprises, some pleasant and some not so pleasant one’s.

Feature Image Credits: DU Beat

Prabhanu Kumar Das

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