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Sex Education: an Islamic Perspective

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Sex Education, the word itself brings along with it a secretive and weird ring in our society. However, this image is slowly changing as we are moving towards educating of all. So, how does Islam, one of the so called/thought to be conservative religions deal with the same subject?

For the longest time, the thought, idea and any discussion about sex has been ushered to be disrespectful and taboo. It took a lot of time for the country as a whole to finally come to terms with being able to freely talk about it. Yet religions have still called it and barricaded it by calling it as inviolable. One such religion or actually should I say the so-called preachers of such religion are the Islamic priests. For the longest time, it was said, preached and believed that sex was only a reproductive act done to carry forward the species, and the thoughts of protections and contraceptives have been and still in some place are rejected by a lot of people misguided by false preachings.

It wasn’t until Al Azhar Islamic university of Cairo researched and found out that condoms and other similar form of contraceptives aren’t banned in the religion of Islam and it was just a false hoax created around it by those with different views. One of the few banned things were abortions and that too is allowed in some medically required cases.

‘The wrong media coverages and false preaching have been behind Islam being thought to be a highly conservative and strict religion, however it is a very understanding religion’ is what one of the faculty members had to say about the issue. This marked one of the first steps into sexual education and sexual care being given importance in this religion and by its preachers.

Although the Quran has placed so much emphasis on acquiring knowledge, and in the days of Prophet Mohammed, Muslim men and women were encouraged not to shy away from asking any question, including those related to private affairs such as sexual life, it has been changed into a taboo subject. We as responsible citizens and any responsible Muslim need to focus on finding out the reasoning and correction in each statement. Questioning is a right and knowledge is lauded. So, why should this also not be discussed?

A famous saying of the Prophet goes like “Blessed are the women of the Helpers. Their Modesty did not stand in the way of their seeking knowledge about their religion” (Bukhari and the Muslim).

Everyone has the right to gather knowledge especially sexual, as it is also a part of wellbeing. In our educated world, even Islam and those of stringent beliefs have started to see the path of light into this subject and openly started talking about sex and its other aspects.

Featured Image credits- Windsor Star

Haris Khan
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