Awesome Assam the Title Sponsor of Polemic19!

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Introducing the Title Sponsor for Polemic 19, AWESOME ASSAM(Tourism Department, Government of Assam)
‘Tales abound, the river around.’
There is no question as to which place is being referred to here. Assam.
Assam, the land of the Red River and the Blue Hills, was once famously quoted by a German explorer as ‘Assam is the closest we can get to another planet’. Nothing could be truer.
With that said, The Ministry of Tourism, Assam invites you to visit this magical state which not only is blessed with immaculate natural beauty, but is also home to the Royal Bengal Tiger and more famously, the only sanctuary of  the One-Horned Indian Rhinoceros. The mystical mountainous valley of Haflong also houses Jatinga, a rather ominous place for migrating birds from the far east!
With this, we at Ramjas are proud to announce to you ‘Awesome Assam’ (Dept of Tourism) as our associate sponsor for this year’s edition of Polemic!
P.S- All the chai that you drink everyday comes from Assam! So, the ‘chai-r’ is back!

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