DUSU President Shakti Singh Burns the Pakistani Flag

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The event was conducted to express solidarity with the CRPF personnel who lost their lives in the Pulwama attack.

In an Instagram video released after the day of the Pulwama attack in Kashmir, ABVP (Akhil Bhartiya Vidya Parishad) leader and DUSU (Delhi University Students Union) President, Shakti Singh is seen delivering a speech, following which there is a picture where he is seen burning the Pakistan flag.

The video is captioned, “now there will be no vow, there will be a battle. The war will be very gruesome”, and the comments that his followers have made support Shakti’s actions, lauding him for his bravery and nationalism.

Singh stared off expressing his sadness on the CRPF personnel’s death and then authoritatively, declared war on Pakistan.

Following the Lyngdoh Committee’s guidelines, Shakti had been promoted to the post of President when the erstwhile office holder Ankiv Baisoya’s degree from the Tamil Nadu University was declared counterfeit.

In the press release, ABVP listed several demands they had from the government. One of them was to ‘deal with’ the terrorist organisation Jaish e Mohammad (JeM) and Pakistan. They also instructed the centre to remove Article 370 that grants special status to Kashmir.

“We have seen Pakistan’s activities since independence. Every time it is Pakistan that is supporting terrorism. But they are not ready to accept,” said Miss Monika, National Media Convenor, ABVP, “We have continuously lost our defence persons because of terrorist attacks. And India has always proved their involvement by providing them with training and funds. ABVP is clear that end of terrorism is mandatory, and if war is the way out to end terrorism, then we are ready to support. But end of terrorism is mandatory in the nation and human welfare.”

When asked about the burning of Pakistan’s flag, she said, “At that moment the whole nation was in deep grief and completely saddened because of the Pulwama attack. It was simply a symbol of protest. A way to show our aggression.”

This, of course, does not answer the question of if the new, educated generation believes war, and not dialogue, to be a solution of ending international disputes.
Shakti Singh was contacted by DU Beat, but he did not give us his stance on the issue.

Featured Image Credits- Instagram/Shakti Singh ABVP

Maumil Mehraj
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