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Lack of Psychology courses in DU: A Blot on University’s Academics

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Despite being an important subject, the lack of Honors courses available in Psychology, Delhi University proves that psychology is still not accepted and recognized as a worthy bachelor’s degree.

Psychology as a subject has the power to help you grow as an individual and also help others grow. It is filled with concepts on human beings, stories and examples we can relate to and also interesting topics about which we can talk to with our friends. But what is unfortunate that only eleven colleges in the prestigious University of Delhi offer B.A. (Honors) Psychology as a course and three offer B.A. (Honors) in Applied Psychology.

This restricts the opportunities for students to pursue this subject. The cut offs go very high for the few good colleges offering this course. While, for a male student, this situation is even worse since majority of the colleges offering Psychology are only open to girls, so they have to either compromise on the course or despite having a good score, study in private institutes. According to a source who requested to be anonymous, he scored a 96.75 but still couldn’t get Psychology in Delhi University and is pursuing B.Sc. (Honors) Psychology from Christ University, Bangalore.

Apart from this, most of the colleges are unable to offer Psychology as a General Elective, and when they do, due to the lack of faculty, many times the classes get cancelled. In Lady Shri Ram College, girls who took Psychology as an Elective for the first semester reported that the it was extremely disappointing. A student quoted “We were allotted a teacher somewhere in last August and even this semester we have gotten a guest lecturer who taught from Wikipedia, it was pretty basic and did not feel like a Psychology class.” In Gargi College, Psychology is not offered as a General Elective despite having a department for Applied Psychology.

By lack of Facilities in Delhi University for this essential subject, the University is proving the general discourse prevalent in the society regarding Humanities courses that- “they are courses specifically for girls.” The larger, older and renowned colleges like Miranda House, Hansraj, Hindu and Sri Venkateswara do not offer Psychology at all. It is high time that this course is given the importance and attention that it deserves and the University introduces it in the other colleges as well.

Feature Image credits: The Indian Express

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