Overstepping Conjectures, pocketing their win: JMCMUN 2019 Roars for Equality

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JMC MUN 2019 convened on 11 th -12 th  January 2019 brought the most sedulous, nimble-
witted and most of all concerned voices aiming to cushion and squash the global realities; it is
safe to say this juncture hit a home run!
Enlivened by a series of murmurs and hustling the JMCMUN society welcomed ebullient
delegates to take their committee positions. Amongst the buzz of political gridlock and
partisan bickering the JMCMUN’19 took a plunge for something greater, howbeit very basic-
the creation of a ‘safe space’. The Secretariat along with the help of Ms. Saumya Srivastava
(USG Operations) and Secretary General, Bhavya Berlia as a part of their initiative to
construct a secure space for everyone at the conference released their Equity Policy
document. The aforementioned entails margins of leeway, reprehending misconduct-
vilification, sexual harassment, victimization, bullying ragging; An interim Equity
Committee, in association with the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC), had been set up as
a redressal forum, entreating a more effectual and inclusive conference.
Construing from the popular tinnitus ringing around the set committees and agendas the two-
day conference upheld quality discussions and deliberations. Intensive skull sessions
swinging in committees such as the National Media Commission, discussing fake news and
mob lynching to covering technicalities in Niti Aayog and United Nations Commissions on
Science and technology for Development (UNCTD) the debaters plugged it away to
effectivity. Fuming committee tensions were put at ease by the organizing committee running
from pillar to post ensuring maximum comfort for the participants and piquant servings of
moreish food, literally corroborating ‘food for thought’.
The second day of the conference solicited cogent solutions and plausible decision-making. It
is now time to call curtains for JMCMUN 2019, while only a few carried back laurels of
recognition the conference at JMC promised all a lifetime of memories and illuminating
experience; rather a bait to return again, discuss, debate and elevate themselves as global
citizens. The Secretary General’s closing address summed up perfectly the emotional journey
that is setting up a conference, and left everyone feeling nostalgic with her meaningful words.
The red-hearted bricks of Jesus and Mary College held up by tenacious women stands firmly,
echoing ideas and penning down apropos of critical yet indispensable themes which surround
us, it is time for us to pass on the baton of strength, change and acclivity of information
through- journalism, parley and conclave.

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