Maitreyi College Successfully Organized Rhapsody’19!

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Maitreyi College organized a huge concert, well built, well presented, and well done! The audience seemed to thoroughly enjoy the punjabi rhythm in one of the oldest all girls college of Delhi University on a rainy evening in New Delhi!

Well known for their fondness of punjabi singers, Maitreyi College built a humongous stage for Sandhu’s perform on February 7 where not only did the singer dance to his wits, but also made the college echo his beats through and through the evening. While the audience roared in enthusiasm, the star seemed to enjoy their vigor to the core!

On day 1 of Rhapsody 2019, the college saw a plethora of activities, from debating to nukkad natak, from dancing to photography, this year Rhapsody seemed to be on a whole another level! We saw photographers running around the campus clicking photos in a marathon called “Bhaag Photographer Bhaag” and we saw artists painting without any brushes in their “Brushless Painting” competition! The debators did no less in their “Quickening the Quill” while the dancers set fire to the stage in “Zeal.” The participants seemed to be delighted with the fest and all that was going on in the campus!

And the evening brought the final thriller, “Battle of Bands”! From the top bands of Delhi University to localities, the college was soaring with beats of instruments and the performers were deep in the rhythm of their music.

The college seemed to be brimming with beauty! From contemporary to classic, Rhapsody looked like an unprecedented manifestation of art! The students, staff, participants, and guests, all seemed to be taken away with the Rhapsody of their fest. Maitreyi College is truly unique in its own way.

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