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Dealing with FOMO in the First Year of College

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Feeling a little unguarded, somewhat alienated, and left-out; these are some of the emotions every first-year student experiences in the varsity. Read on to find how much you relate to this FOMO.

Our minds are truly very efficient in the act of abbreviating words, phrases, and expressions. Fear of missing out, popularly called FOMO, is a promising contestant in this ‘Championship for the Most Used Abbreviation’. Social
media updates in the past few months have been smattered with this FOMO. As everyone would acknowledge, the University of Delhi is always bustling with activities. There is always an event happening, and with every event that manifests, with its promised delights, it becomes a challenge to decide which one you would attend. With so many events, and opportunities waiting, one is bound to miss out on some of these. Let’s face it, if dates of two fests clash,
you cannot be at Tarang and Mecca at once. It is important to prioritise and make your experiences worth remembering, rather than participating in everything.

Thus, the problem is amplified for us, the first-year students at the University. The phase of transition is undoubtedly challenging. Every milestone comes as an expectation of a quick transformation. But it is very important to realise that the process of transformation is slow and in this process, there is a lot that needs to be given up.For instance, if you apply for an internship, you will be coerced to give up on your Netflix binge.
Amidst professional commitments and companionships, there is always a trade-off. Understandingthe economics of this subject matter, say, the presence of companionships in an internship,is important. But this, in no way
implies that indulgence in a social exchange is undesirable, or futile. It is the complex trade-off that evokes the said FOMO. For the longest time, you have been told that college can skyrocket you into the space of your dreams. However, it is true that college can be a tough pedestal where fixating on things can cause distractions. Sometimes,
it is better to let go of some things, and grasp other things.
In the decision regarding this trade-off, a more pressing question haunts you, how do you decide that the that the choices you make are for the good? You do not.These choices have to be made, sometimes instinctively, and other times more consciously. However, more importantly, this is just one element in the various elements that constitute FOMO. The idea of FOMO disables gratitude.

One of the biggest challenges of college is finding your place, and footing in a tough crowd. For some of us, this discovery comes naturally. But for many others, this exploration is exhausting to a depressing extent. This imbalance
also prepares you for a special bond. You can never fixate on opportunities or people. The right people will hep you discover organic relationships with pure joy. ‘The fear of missing out’ will only be a joke to you when you will see how celebrated you feel in good company. You will discover your true blessings in thecelebrations. Though it is not easy,
we would all be a lot better off if we considered our gratitude more honestly. FOMO then, becomes asettled idea until the point when it slims down to a realisation that enables you to enjoy the moment instead of dwelling on the chanceslost. So, the next time you feel lost, feel it truly. It is only in the losing that we find ourselves.

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Kartik Chauhan

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