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Why you should unfollow ‘Positivity’ Pages and Accounts

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Following too many pages on positivity? DU Beat analyses why it’s time for you to unfollow them.

Here, I quote my good friend, Lilly Singh, “THIS GON BE SOME REAL TALK, HOMIE!”

It is very often that you see Tumblr Quotes and motivational pieces that tell you how everything is positive and you should be grateful for everything. It teaches you to be in that mindset all the time. However life is never only positive. It may sometimes be tough and negative. However, when you begin feeling that everything needs to be positive, you take your hardships negatively. Don’t force yourself to be happy. After a point, we begin to refuse to admit that anything is wrong in reality. It is important to remember that positivity does not rest in refusing to see a problem as a problem. It is in looking at the problem, admitting it, and then being positive enough to find a solution to it so that you can work towards it. Refusing to admit that there is a problem will leave you superficial. It will never give you the opportunity to make your life better by solving the problem. Toxicity increases when the motivational quotes force you to keep up with that superficiality.

Furthermore, every quote of positivity that you see may not be relevant to your situation but you apply it to yourself anyway. If you are in a toxic relationship and see a quote about consistency, it must not be deemed relevant to you, no matter how positive it is. Every situation is unique and requires personalized specific analysis to come to a conclusion. The person behind the screen who posted that quote doesn’t know your situation and may not even intend the quote to have such an impact on you. Every situation does not lead to a positive outcome when tackled with the ‘positive’ advice.

Lastly, the fact that you are following so many pages that intend to bring positivity to you, makes you believe that you are negative and cannot be positive yourself. That, my friend, is not just bad for your self-identity but also is completely false. Everyone’s notion of positivity is not the same. Do not restrict your idea of positivity to what the page believes it is. Different things give positivity to different people and you can create your own positivity. Don’t use cramps when you can independently walk on your own!

If you find yourself being unable to be naturally positive for a long while, maybe try to talk to your friends about it or go for therapy. But first, explore yourself, let go of these pages and try to create your own happiness.


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Khyati Sanger

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Being a student of English Honours at Miranda House, Khyati is easily moved by words. She often writes advisory pieces and loves the investigation that goes into reporting. She worships Mark Manson and holds comedians in the highest esteem in her life. Puppies make her the happiest.

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