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The Reality Of College Exams

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In school, we are often provided with this rosy picture of college where the academic environment seems to be pretty chill. Except, when you actually step into the college doors, you do realise that it is a far cry from it.

One often gets to hear how getting marks in the 12th standard should be our primary concern in life, almost offering a silent implication that it all going to be smooth sailing from there onwards. As much as I and the rest of the student community would have liked to believe so, here is a warning for all the freshers reading this, if that is you’re still not aware, that it is not to be so.

College, as an environment has become synonymous with freedom, independence, and low-key academic tension, going by what pop culture has very conveniently fed us, resulting in this popular notion.  You are almost entertained with the whole idea of what walking into the college doors would be like, of course, only to be slammed on the face with this door, namely, reality.

College marks and exams almost seem insignificant in school, what with all the pressure to clear all those engineering exams and scoring above 95% in boards. Clearing these, make it seem like the battle won, except it is not even half of it. College placements, cracking entrance exams for masters, filling up applications for higher studies; all have a pre-requisite of a decent GPA in college. I hate to break it you, but it is an endless, vicious cycle. One which you unintentionally signed up for, the moment your existence came to be. There isn’t really an escape route.

For starters, acceptance might just help you deal with this a lot better because life is such. Secondly, it would be advisable that you probably stop reading this article and start scramming, because other things can wait but you probably really need those marks right now. Thirdly, if you feel demotivated

at any point, I take the last point back. Marks are just a number and numbers shouldn’t really define you. Your success wouldn’t be determined by one bad external. However having said that, even though your success isn’t really hinged on how well you do in college, I do believe that it is important to work hard in whatever capacity you can towards your goal and making your dreams a reality.

College might just be some of the best years of your life, however, they are also the years that truly define you as a person and help form a foundation. It is important to live and enjoy your college life to the fullest, but it is almost important to utilize this time to figure things out. The next time you hear an adult telling a kid how college is going to be all fun and games, stop them right there, or on second thoughts, don’t.

Feature Image Credits: GK India

Anoushka Singh
[email protected]

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