A letter to the Delhi Winters

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The winters are a terrible time when the exam clashes and you’re forced out of your comfortable blankets and cozy houses. Let us pray this winter won’t be so brutal to us whilst we study for our exams!

Dear Winters,

I can notice you’ve made your mind to enter the ‘Dilwaalo ki Dilli’ with grandeur. Sending gushes of chilly winds in the mornings and late nights, your arrival has made the winter equipment come back to life. In hurdles, the sweaters and blankets keep coming out in piles. Grandmother calls to ask whether we require goond and gaajarpak to ensure we stay alive. Mother ushers the help as they labour out laddoos, while all we are instructed to do is sit and study.

Your presence is felt on my study table. The wooden desk turning utterly cold. I eerily try to succumb to it, but no matter how many years of this practice we’ve had, the chills still get the worst of me! Thank you, to you, I’ll gain extra pounds while devouring the most wholesome meals of the year, being excused by everyone for the beastly appetite. I pray to you for not tempting me into divine slumbers, as I need every possible hour of the day to skim the books, the elixir of knowledge. Let me be wide awake before the examination day, let the teeth clutter and clatter but leave the mind functioning enough.

As I’d go to the examination center, I pray there isn’t much fog, even though an alternative wish is to disappear in the mist, than to face the fate of the papers. Let the woolen gloves on my hand leave me smitten like a kitten, I wish to not have frost bit hands as I have three hours ahead of me to faff. May you, in a decent attempt, try to be as pleasant as ever, on the days I step out of the house, with scarves and beret caps, to endure to the tale of losing an entire semester for nothing, but fun! May you please, please not try to slip from the crooks and crannies; my college has a lot of broken, un-shut windows. May you try your best possible, to not give any season blues. It is a musical choir of sneezing and coughs for a hundred and eighty minutes full. May you bring a percussion along, to distract the noise of the sharp clanking of the heeled foot apparel, with which the supervisor walks in pendulum motions here and there until she stops to read the answer script and wonder and wonder what’s there.

I’ve seen an idol of you, hung near the tea stall. There are days, when the chaiwaala bhaiya may call upon you, summon you, try all sorts of possible necromancy to lure you, but don’t get too tempted. There is a humanly limit to us glugging down hot ginger teas. You become the season ambassador for “hello friends’ chai peelo”, and as wonderful those few minutes are, we need to face the reality of the exams. Let us fight through your turbulent chills, as we have promised ourselves lots of leisure. Once you come, I wish you can go as soon as possible, but you don’t listen to me anymore. As I bid adieu to the gone summers, I reminisce the beautiful days. Winter is coming, winter is coming, and we need to face the harsh fate of it anyways.  I hope you will have a short visit, that is what you always promise, but you present to us pleasant sunshine and wide gardens to picnic on, so we present some affection from our side as well. It is hard to track your location as your address keeps changing. Now that you’ve come to Asia-Pacific, stay put!

Yours truly,

A DU student


Feature Image credits: Sky Met Weather

Avnika Chhikara
[email protected]

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