Why You Should Focus On The AECC Exam Too

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Burdened by the unending core syllabus, there is a sufferer bearing the brunt of our indulgence: Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course Paper.

You are probably wondering why one would need to focus on a subject that only requires effort in saying its name. For most of us, the AECC paper is a piece of cake. “It is seemingly the easiest paper,” says every Delhi University student ever. And probably it is, seeing as how the core subjects challenge your wits.

But in that sense of ease, we have presumed a certain lessened merit for the paper. Studying for the subject even once would tell you, assuming that you did so for an internal— which is assuming that you actually considered it worthy enough of your attention and precious time— the paper requires minimum effort. You have a few sheets to read and you can easily score well.

If I were to paint you this picture that AECC is important for your CV or mark sheet or for your future, I would make this a sermon. But I cannot help it because unsurprisingly yet sadly it is the truth. A paper that deals with writing letters, dialogues, and helps you learn the technicalities of language might sound very unexciting, and more often than not, the tutelage you receive for the subject will also question its seriousness, but it should not.

Having done the letters and reports in our high school days, the idea is probably revolting in a university. But the ideal question is the viability of this thought. Language today is taken for granted, unless you have to demean others based on their wrong usage of the past participle. Language, you see is based on certain rules and much as we should learn to master the rules, the important part is to learn humility. And that is possibly what AECC teaches you.

You would think that you know it all, but when you come to face it, you do know but little. How many of us, for instance knew about haptics and kinesics? I did not. And that is why we need to regard this paper as an important one. It is more than a paper when it comes to teaching you humility that comes from knowing that you know little. Language, you see is delicate and this paper is your medium to explore the intricacies.

So while you prepare for your core subjects, balance the strain with a relatively easy subject. Much as we all want it to be so, AECC is not just about letters and reports, it is about the practicality of us. Every word of information you read on the internet, would inform you in a certain way. And that is your preparation for this subject. Focus on your language skills and usage, because language can always use your effort on it.

But if I may have dissuaded you to read for this excitingly enigmatic paper, read it for the easy 9 on your mark sheet. After all, is it not the run for score, the reason, that made you read this?

Kartik Chauhan

[email protected]


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