The Economics Department of Jesus and Mary College hosted Ecovantage!

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The Economics Department of Jesus and Mary College hosted their annual fest, Ecovantage on 8th October, 2018. The event saw an overwhelming response and people from all colleges came to participate in the various events which were organised.
The day started off with a panel discussion on the topic “Human Activity and Natural Events: Understanding the inter-linkages”. The panelists were seasoned environmentalists, bent on changing the world and gave the audience valuable knowledge on the topic. This was followed by fun filled events in which students showcased their competitive spirit. Numerous well researched and well written papers were submitted for Paper Presentation. Brand Tambola was filled with fun and a saw a very active audience. Campus surfers saw huge turnout where people raced against time to win. Puzzle Pint was another grand success and was very well received by the participants. International Trade was the favourite amongst the students and witnessed huge participation.
There were numerous food stalls for students to head to and enjoy. Overall, Ecovantage 2018 was an amazing experience for everyone and a huge success for the economics department!
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