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Sex Amma Talks Role Play

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Dear Munchkins, having Dosa and Chutney every day might get a bit boring so have a little Pizza today. This is for all you people who are thinking of experimenting with Role Playing. Fret not, Amma is here for you ready with her saucy and spicy advice.

To all my machas and machis, the most important thing is asking for consent. Be vocal about your desires and fantasies. Don’t shy away from telling the chef if you want more seasoning or cheese on your Pizza before, during, or after. The Pizza might seem too hot at first so cut boundaries to comfortably navigate through and once you dig in, it gets more palatable.

My lovely munchkins, to devour the utmost pleasure, do not overdo or overstress. Sometimes, simple prompts work best. Even if it’s one sentence like, “You didn’t do your homework” or “Who’s a bad boy?”, it can be a huge turn on. Talking through your fantasies can also work better than playing them out.

Don’t be afraid to use props. You can also add garlic breadsticks on the side. Avoid using any extremely salty sides in the beginning. If it involves something that is triggering or violent, be careful with the hotplate.

If you like having a lot of Red Chilli on your Pizza, it is always handy to have a glass of Sprite next to you. Decide a safe word with your partner that you can use to stop the role play immediately. It’s okay if you get uncomfortable during it, say the safe word and let your partner know you’d like to take a break or stop.

As a sample menu, these are the different types of Pizzas you could try, “masseuse- customer”,“nurse- doctor”, “patient-doctor”.

Do tell the chef if you liked their dish. Appreciate each other throughout the process because a little validation serves as a great confidence boost. No one knows what they’re doing either but try to enjoy the process and be ready to laugh at yourself.

If the Pizza is delivered before time, it’s not a bad idea to give the delivery boy a tip! And if you don’t enjoy it, you can always leave a bad review on Zomato (by simply letting your partner know).

Always remember, my munchkins, the bill becomes unaffordable if you forget to use contraceptives.

That’s it from Amma for this week! Hope you’re feeling all excited and ready. If you’re looking for ways to initiate it, showing/mentioning this to your partner might work!


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