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Sex Amma On Bisexuality

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My lovely munchkins, here is my sweet and saucy, ready-to-eat advice for you this week. This is for all you people who are confused about your bisexual needs. Fret not, you are not alone. Amma is here to help.
The first thing to remember is that there is nothing “unnatural” about your body. So what if you have feelings for both machas and machis? There is nothing wrong with that. The more variety in your dosas and chutneys, the better it is. Moreover, if you don’t experiment with your body now, when will you do it? Decriminalisation of homosexual sex is clearly sending you a message, muchkin. You can love anyone you want and yet be yourself. So go out there and don’t be afraid to mix and match your recipes. We are often hesitant in exploring romantic relations with the same sex. But my sweet love, we never know where our wet dreams might come from. Only when you engage in new, raunchy, absolutely filthy stuff you realise if you have a taste for it. Just imagine if you discover that you and your friend actually like the same chutney. 
But remember attraction towards different people does not mean that you will be “ravenous” all the time. It just means you will unlock new shades
of your personality. The capacity to like different people might increase, but not our appetite itself if you know what I mean.
For all the confident bisexual anbe (sweetheart) out there, Amma can only moan in jealousy for all the fun you might have. A feast of sambhar,

dosa, upma, and chutney is laid out for you! There is, in fact, sometimes greater comfort and understanding between people of your own sex. This, of course, translates into tingling your taste buds (and other places too) under the sheets. Yum!
So, go out there and be free to explore the curves, the nooks, and crannies of his or her body. Amma is sure you will come back hungry for more.
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