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Delhi University Gears Up For NAAC Visit

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Delhi university forms mock teams and sends a questionnaire to various departments ahead of their NAAC visit.

The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) will be visiting various departments of Delhi University between 29th to 31st October. The grading provided by this body is particularly important for the allotment of funds and grants to the varsity by University Grant Commission (UGC). It has lead to the University’s mock teams conducting checks and visits to various departments and faculties and ensuring they if they have been properly prepared for the visit. The administrations of various colleges and heads of departments were recently mailed with a questionnaire of 103 questions in this regard.

Questions such as does the DU department celebrate national festivals or observe the birth and death anniversaries of great Indian personalities? Is there a policy in place to check plagiarism? Are there committees in place to check student-related issues? Formed an integral part of the questionnaire. Student-centric issues such as complaints of sexual harassment, gender sensitisation, the safety of northeastern students, and steps to check ragging and hooliganism have to be taken into account. The questionnaire aimed to evaluate whether there was student participation in committees. They also took into account alumni associations in the department and whether they were constituted through fair and transparent periodic elections and their functions.

Questions regarding gender sensitivity as well as safety and counselling have also been included as important parameters. Another category which has been given great focus is the green practices in place, including paperless offices, have also been mentioned in the questionnaire. Apart from education-related facilities, the administration also wanted to know whether the college has held recreational activities, fresh parties and farewell for students, a professor further added.

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