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Sex Amma: Ways to Spice Up Your Sex-Life

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Idlis and Uttapams, being with the same partner for a while can lead to a stern silence from down you-know-
where. There may be several reasons in your hectic routines which lead to you requiring Amma’s advice. Don’t worry,
for Amma has some tricks up her pallu to add masala to the sambhar of your life.

It is my foremost belief that you shy away from such conversations with your partners, and Amma would like to inform you that it would not lead to any fruit or, in your case, cream. So, the first advice Amma has for you is that
you should use what the big gal/guy up there gave you, to talk and voice your concerns to each other, respectfully and honestly.

In your conversations, ask them what they would be up for, because having such conversations means that you
both are interested in broadening your horizons. Explore each other and new ventures like toys, role play, or even a
third or fourth partner. Amma strongly stands by the saying, the more the merrier.

Talking dirty during the deed, sending sexy pictures to your partner, and conversing about what you would like to do to each other over texts, when you are away can get your idlis longing for some chutney. This longing can add a whole new flavour to your sex life and help keep things going. Not only is reading books the new sexy, but reading erotica and Kama-sutra together can open you up, literally and figuratively. The erotica will create a tension in the room- the kind that porn visuals essentially leaves no mystery for, and the sex-poses will give my idlis and uttapams some kinky ideas. They also create an element of newness that the somebody-down-there loves a lot. And if you’re not a reader, don’t shy away from the realm of visual pleasure.

Another way is to get out of the bedroom. Amma believes in using the space to lessen the space between partners, and a couch, or a kitchen-top, or even a shower are good places to boast a lot of action.
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