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Dyal Singh College Students and Teachers Denied Entry in College, Principal Suspended

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In an infamous event from Dyal Singh College, students and teachers were denied entry to their college and subsequently, some were beaten up.

On Monday, 24th September 2018, hundreds of students and some teachers of Dyal Singh College (DDC) were left stranded on Lodhi Road, having been denied entry into their college by private security guards. Amidst chaos and confusion, some students started protesting and a male teacher was beaten up.

This lockdown was the result of a suspension of all classes and administrative work declared by Amitabh Sinha, the Governing Body Chairman of the College. A meeting was scheduled by him to review the nullification of the presidency of the newly elected Students Union President Rohan Awana (allegedly from ABVP) by the Election Committee after it was discovered that he didn’t follow the code of conduct. A firsthand witness and student from DDC said, “The professors who contested the suspension against the Principal’s order were attacked by our college union”.

The request for the aforementioned General Body Meeting was denied by the Principal of the College, Dr. IS Bakshi, who confirmed that he has received several emails from Amitabh Sinha for the same. In one such email, he asked Dr. Bakshi to immediately put up a notice, “To avoid any serious situation, all academic, non-academic, and any other type of activities were instructed to be suspended for both colleges. Unfortunately, I have been told that the order to suspend classes on 24th September has not been put in the public/college domain by you”.

Dr. IS Bakshi, responded, “The decision to nullify the election of President was solely based on documentary evidence of the violation of the code of conduct and not on an ideological basis. The normal functioning of the college cannot be suspended for a GBM meeting,” Following this, he has been accused of serious allegations of administrative and financial irregularities and the Governing Body will be launching an inquiry to the matter.

Later that day, the current college Principal Dr. IS Bakshi was suspended and asked to hand over the keys to Principal of Dyal Singh Evening College, Dr. Pawan Kumar, who would be taking charge of the Dyal Singh Morning College. On the bright side for Dr. Bakshi, a student from Dyal Singh College said “We are all supporting the Principal”, implying the common sentiment amongst students.

Feature Image Credits: DU Beat

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