The Finance and Investment Cell of Hindu College Successful Organised The Financial Colosseum!

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F&IC Hindu left no stone unturned in pulling off one of the greatest financial fests conducted in the circuit- The Financial Colosseum. The fest consisted of various online and offline events conducted over three days. The hallmark event, Decrypt’18, challenged the participants’ mettle to solve case studies. This online contest stimulated the analytical and logical skills of the contestants and prompted them to demonstrate the best of their financial abilities. To win big, they had to think big. The financial fest aimed at delving into the intricacies of white collar crimes through Identity Theft, where the participants donned several personalities and attempted to get away with embezzlement. It was a unique opportunity to let imaginations fly wild and live out unbelievable scenarios.
F&IC Hindu continued to scale greater heights with record number of registrations. There were more than one fifteen hundred registrations this year in both the online and offline events, compared to last years thousand registrations. The unprecedented footfall displayed the quality and prestige of the annual fest. The fest succeeded in imparting managerial lessons through the invigorating ‘Managers Mode’. Participants stepped into the shoes of football managers and juggled between their various responsibilities. Football, by its very nature is organised chaos, and the managers had to keep it under control. From bidding for players and clubs to handling the media and rival teams, it was all there!
Last but not the least, Merger Mogul allowed the contestants to unravel
mysteries and gain an understanding of mergers and acquisitions
simultaneously! The event required the participants to make logical deductions
and guess the correct merger.

It was three days of exhilaration, fun and pure intellect. Fests like these allow students to think out of the box and come out of their daily rut. Events like these truly reflect the strides that the student community of Delhi University are taking.
The sponsors for this event, Perspectico, Redwolf and The Souled Store recognised the requirement of such an event and are patrons for budding managers, consultants and economists. Perspectico is also giving an interview opportunity to the winners of Decrypt 2018 for an internship with them.

Summing it all up, The Financial Colosseum was about bringing people together, gaining insight into various aspects of the financial world and of course, winning. The fest was successful in its attempt to manifest the belief of
the society- knowledge is power.
And yes, they were entertained!


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