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Auburn Umbrella: Fashion Advice from the Northeastern Region of India

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When it comes to fashion, it would be safe to say that the northeasterners know how to do it right.

The people from the northeastern region of India have a distinct sense of style, which is something that the fashion- conscious students of DU can learn from. We talked to several fashionable northeastern students and they shared
with us the following tips:

1. Wear a tiny necklace with a small pendant (say, a ring) which looks cute and is practical, as opposed to big pieces. Accessorise, but don’t over-accessorise. Usually a silver necklace goes with all skin tones.
2. Dress according to your body. What looks good on a T.V. star may or may not look good on you. Take into consideration your physical aspects like height, body shape, and skin tone.
3. Take inspiration from wherever you can, but adapt it to suit yourself (in the case of the Northeastern people, South Asian dramas being the inspiration).
4. The price of an outfit doesn’t guarantee quality. You can get outfits for a few hundred rupees, provided you look in the right nooks and crannies. They suggest places like Sarojini Nagar where you can bargain to your heart’s content or H&M which conducts sales every now and then.
5. Choose comfort over everything else. A compliment lasts seconds, but you’ll be wearing what you are donning for the whole day. You won’t look good if you don’t feel good.
6. Finally, experimenting with your wardrobe is the key. Girls can switch between skinny jeans with crop tops and pleated skirts with collared shirts, while boys can switch between khakis with shirts and shorts with vests.

The people from places like Mizoram and Nagaland have access to thrift shops from where they can get a tee for as little as INR 10! That makes that an outfit in less than INR 50. Unfortunately, there is little scope for that happening in Delhi. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t let your inner northeastern fashionista come to the fore. Look good, have fun experimenting, and most of all, be comfortable.

Feature Image Credits: DU Beat

Maumil Mehraj
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