DUSU Elections 2018

Know Your Candidate: ABVP Edition

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With DUSU Elections coming to a close soon, it becomes imperative for voters to realise the importance their vote holds. Read on the maniefestos of the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates from ABVP to know more about the contenders!

Candidate for the post of President-

Ankiv Baisoya
The Presidential candidate of the ABVP,
Mr. Ankiv Baisoya, had done his graduation in B.A. (Hons.) Economics from the College of Vocational Studies, University of Delhi (DU). Currently pursuing his Masters degree in Buddhist studies from the Department of Buddhist Studies (DU), Baisoya has been a diligent member of the ABVP for the last five years. When asked about his agenda for this year’s Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU), he told DU Beat, “If I am elected as the President, I will make sure over fifty percent of the DUSU budget is allocated towards women empowerment, holistic development of students belonging to the SC and ST communities, and towards an extensive focus on sports in the varsity.”
The establishment of a Research Students’ Grievance Cell and ensuring the conduct of fair and regular elections to the Internal Complaints’ Committee in all colleges are amongst the developments that he wants to bring about in the varsity. Further, he envisages the provision of a police booth
near every hostel and college, and pledges to equip those booths with female police

When the DU Beat correspondent
asked Baisoya why he thinks he is worthy of the post of President, he stated,
“Besides working for the students at the
grassroot level in the last five years, I
have taken up their issues of grievance
and worked to mitigate the same. I have
actively contributed to the protests
demanding 24*7 access to the library
facility for students of DU’s North Campus, as a result of which the access to the library was extended by three hours. Moreover, I have tirelessly worked in the ABVP’s efforts to campaign against the imposition of massive taxes on sanitary napkins. The government’s cut on the taxes on sanitary napkins has been largely considered a resulting factor of our collective effort. I espouse a university which will treat all students equally regardless of the area or community they come from. I espouse a
university which will embrace the girl child and provide a safe learning environment for her. I espouse a university where students will be able to venture into the worlds of knowledge, unhindered.”

Candidate for the Post of Vice-
President: Shakti Singh
The Vice Presidential candidate fielded
by the ABVP, Shakti Singh, belongs to
Baniyan of Uttar Pradesh but has done his schooling from Nainital. Having completed his graduation from MIT Pune in the year 2016, he is currently is a second-year law student at the Faculty of Law, DU. Shakti, who is a national-level boxer and a silver medalist at the state-level, said, “As a sportsperson, I will try my best to create a better atmosphere to simultaneously encourage sports with academics so that we can establish a healthy society and set the grounds for a better sports culture in Delhi University. Moreover, I will make sure that sports funds are allocated accurately.”
Having worked for the non-governmental organisation, ‘Association for Awareness,’ Singh is an active proponent of women’s safety and security and a large aspect of his agenda is focussed on gender sensitisation.

Mr. Singh has propounded that self-defence training camps should be held in various colleges for the girl students. Another area that Singh wants to work upon is the control over the rent for rooms in the North and South campuses of DU. He told DU Beat, “It is unfortunate that students who come from different regions of the country to study in India’s premier university are compelled to pay huge sums of money just for their accommodation.

If I am elected as the Vice President, I will work for the drafting and implementation of a ‘Room Rent Control’ Bill. I will ensure that outstation students are not forced to pay a very high rent, and that there is a ceiling on the maximum amount that can be charged from students.” Stressing on the importance of every student’s vote, Singh’s message to the student community of DU is, “None of the Above (NOTA) is not an option.

NOTA would not resolve the problems of
high varsity fees or inadequate facilities
on campus. We must have a direction in
life in order to comprehensively fulfill the purpose of our existence. Similarly, if I am elected, I will try my level best to carve out a sense of direction for the varsity such that the student community can study and pursue their aspirations in a conducive environment.

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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