Review: Pragati Maidan Delhi Book and Stationery Fair 2018

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wallahs, entrepreneurial in their endeavors as they are, willing to take you to the book fair. Initially, it seemed like a bad idea since the fair was at a short walking distance, however, owing to all the construction in and around Pragati Maidan, it made sense to us after we had walked till gate no. 1 but to no avail. The rains have not really helped in the process and have only made the situation worse by turning the whole way into an obstacle course, with waterlogged muddy pathways. Once you are inside, there is a shuttle bus system that is in place and would take you to Hall no. 7, where the fair was. The queues were long and it took us a while to reach our destination. The book fair in itself was smaller in size as compared to the one last year. The publishers were pretty much the same, with close to no new offerings. However, if you had not been to the book fair before, this was definitely the time to. We found various English classics and a lot of course-related books for DU students. If you are good at navigating through busy crowds and making your way to the heaps of books that can be bought at the number of 3 for 100, you are doing book fairs right. Personally, the collection wasn’t as varied as one would like it to be but still worth a visit for any book enthusiast   Feature Image Credits: India Trade Promotion Organisation Anoushka Singh [email protected]]]>

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