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DUSU Elections: What to expect, the Dos and Don’ts Designed

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We are almost near elections, and the entire University is simmering in the heat of the DUSU election fever. 

On a daily basis when you walk into your college, electoral candidates swarm around you like bees with scores of marigold garlands around their necks. Each of them hands over a small card with their name on it which says, “Please vote and support.”
What to expect:

As a student of Delhi University, you must be acquainted with the fact that these elections are a reflection of the general elections at the pan-India level, with huge crowds of people walking around the campus, tossing pieces of paper all over the place. But they also prove to be a source of valuable exposure. Not only do they introduce the students to the nuances of politics, but also provide adequate opportunities for people to connect and socialise. Students get an avenue to share their problems and expect solutions to them.

In order to ensure that your college session flows smoothly through the election period, here are a few things to keep in mind:
Always vote:

Election Day should not be considered as a holiday. Elections are the lifeblood of a democratic scaffold, and are important for its survival. Make sure you are responsible enough to cast your vote on time to the candidate you find the most suitable, unmoved by what others perceive, and free from prejudices. Ensuring this shall make
you a responsible student, an aware individual, and a self-respecting adult. Remember that the essence of a democratic setup lies in the freedom to choose a representative. Voting is an individual right, nobody can force you to vote against your will. Voting is your intrinsic right as a student of the University, and you should make it count.
Never support the use of unfair means:

Political parties and individuals affiliated to them sometimes go to wrongful extents to ensure their seat in office. Often an incentive of a hefty return in exchange for a vote is utilised as a common tactic. Several accounts of students getting free meals, movie tickets, trips to amusement parks a week before the elections float around the University in abundance! Always bear in your mind that each and every vote has a substantial effect on the political framework, and hence, on the life of students of the University. Thus, your vote accounts not only for you, but also for thousands of other students you are studying with. Remember that “selling your vote” is an idea that is undemocratic and is also liable to attract administrative punishment, if caught.

Don’t indulge in negative campaigning:

Even if you do not appreciate a candidate or their ideologies, remember that there are ways to democratically put forth your opinions, as opposed to passing rude comments and engaging in negative campaigning. Negative campaigning is against the virtue of a democratic election. It reflects insecurity and mistrust in your own choice, as opposed to reflecting weakness on the flip side of the coin. There will always be multiple differing opinions and ideas for you to choose from. Making a choice does not make you wrong, but belittling others from making a choice varying from yours does.

Abstain from heated arguments:

You may think that the person you support is the most deserving for certain reasons, while others would do the same for someone else. In case of such differences, it is always best to keep your cool while someone from the opposing block is expressing their opinion. Keep in mind that it is the “virtue of the wise to keep mum.” The heated arguments shall disturb not only the parties concerned, but also those around whom all of this shall occur. Adding to that, the DUSU elections can become a really sensitive matter at the drop of a hat.

Feature Image Credits: DU Beat.

Aashish Jain

[email protected]

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