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Four Ways to be More at Home with Yourself

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In all the work surrounding us, we often forget ourselves and the reasons behind why we do what we do. DU Beat brings to you 4 ways through which you can take out time for yourself and explores ways to do that.

As soon as we enter August, every college student’s schedule inevitably fills up with lectures, seminars, society meetings, tournaments, and internals. There is a lot that constantly fills up our time, and takes away from us. With all the distractions that we have, balancing our professional and personal lives becomes a challenge. More than anything, it becomes very difficult to take out time for ourselves, and manifest it in a way that makes us feel refreshed.

We’ve tried chalking out schedules, marking calendars, and setting reminders, and have inevitably almost always failed. Creating timetables doesn’t seem feasible in college anymore, especially when you don’t know what can come up when. Despite all the busyness that we’re surrounded by, it’s important that we take out time for ourselves and make the most of it.

Even though, everyone has different ways to feel refreshed, DU Beat brings to you a list of ways through which you can take time out for yourself and manifest it in a way that makes you feel better:

  • Unload a little

It’s important to understand that you’ll never find the time. You’ll always have to take out time, which means cutting down on the other stuff that you’re doing. Delegate some of your responsibility to your peers. Ask your family and friends for help and learn to say no. You cannot keep piling things up on your plate and then regretting doing that.

  • Accept not doing things perfectly

We often take too much of a burden that we can’t carry around. Stop worrying about the little details every breathing second, and start accepting that you can’t get everything done right now. You don’t have to do everything in that particular moment.

  • Schedule in time for yourself

Block an hour for yourself, at least every three days, that you can’t bail on unless there’s an emergency. Organise and plan out things in a way that you get your work done and can afford to spare out time for yourself.

  • Learn what you’re making time for

Find activities to do that make you happy but you don’t generally do. Everyone has different ways of making themselves feel happy. There is never one standard solution. Try out new things and experiment around a little.

To get more insight on how people chose to use their time to refresh themselves, DU Beat spoke to some students of the University of Delhi. Here’s what they have to say:

Jayita Pande, a B.Com.(Hons.) student of Jesus and Mary College, says, “I love the sound of the rain falling on the roof. So I have this use this app called, Relax Melodies, that has a few such sounds and listen to that. It helps me relax and feel better.”

Music has always proven to be therapeutic for all ages. It makes you understand yourself a lot better and feel more at home around. Manya Kakkar, a 19-year-old student pursuing Maths Honours at Jesus and Mary College, adds, “I try to explore my thoughts through music So I listen to beats and think about the ideas of self; why we do the things we do.”

Many kinds of research have claimed that movement is happiness. Dance, yoga, exercise, and all forms of physical activity make one feel more happy and productive about oneself. Maira Ali, a 20-year-old student of the Delhi University, reveals, “Whenever I find time, I try to dance. It makes me feel a lot better about myself and kills all my stress. I forget all my tensions and worries at that moment and just follow the music.”

Antara Rao, a third-year student of Economics Honours at Jesus and Mary College, comments, “I try to take out time for myself to think, and try to understand myself beyond my identities and my relationships with other people. I like to spend a lot of time reading about things like gender or class, just so that I can understand the difference between what parts of me are real or artificial. I like looking at gifs whenever I find time for myself. They make me truly happy because of how innocent, surprising, and human they are.”

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