The Auburn Umbrella

The Auburn Umbrella – A Guide to Feeling Comfortable and Chic this Monsoon

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August and September happen to be the most unpredictable of months in terms of weather. On some days it rains heavily, on others it can be ridiculously hot and humid. How to manage the heat, humidity, rain, and still look good?


  • Choose the right fabric – The best way to look good during unpredictable weather is dressing for comfort. Dressing for comfort, however, does not translate into looking drab. Wear breathable fabrics like cotton and linen, and skip the polyester blends that cling to your skin because of the humidity.
  • Opt for ponytails and buns over open hair – Frizzy and damp are not exactly the best hair looks to go for. Skip the open hair during the month of August, and instead opt for a low bun, the way Meghan Markle does, or make a cheerleader ponytail for a clean look.

    Feature Image Credits  - Chatelaine
    Feature Image Credits – Chatelaine
  • Prefer midi skirts over minis – this may sound like an unconventional choice, especially since mini-skirts are the seemingly obvious choice during the hotter months. However, the rainy weather means that the outdoor seating in your college and Nescafe huts can be damp at times, which can make mini-skirts the wrong choice. Add to that, midis are back in style, are roomy, comfortable, and allow you to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn!

    Feature Image Credits - Wear Them Girl At
    Feature Image Credits – Wear Them Girl At
  • Wear pastel colours – Pastels colours do the job of brightening up your look on the gloomy days and soothing your eyes on the sunny ones. With fall just around the corner, the gentle and earthy tones of peach, orange, and blue reflect the seasonal mood accurately while giving you just the right rush of colour, without making you look like a box of crayons.
  • Skip the loud jewellery – chokers, which might irritate the sensitive skin around your neck, along with chunky bracelets and earrings, should be avoided at all costs. If you are a jewellery enthusiast, minimalistic jewellery in metallic tones should be your choice.
  • Forgo jeans, embrace sundresses and wrap dresses – Jeans are a recipe for discomfort. Pair a gingham dress with comfortable espadrilles and transition from morning to evening hassle free. Wrap dresses are also a cute and comfortable August choice.

    Feature Image Credits - E online
    Feature Image Credits – E online

The current weather can be unforgiving at times but that should not dampen your sense of style. Wear minimal makeup, keep your hair tied and secure, wear roomy and adorable choices like midis and sundresses, and move around college in comfort and style. The weather should never be an excuse to dress shabbily!
Feature Image Credits: Chatelaine




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