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Sophie’s Choice: Freshers’ Edition

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Modern-day college students experience an insane amount of confusion and pressure over the activities they must take up in a new college. But is every choice you make worth the plunge? Read on to find out.

  • Confusion and Stress

There is a great deal of difference between school stardom and college glory. This is why students feel overwhelmed with the numerous groups and messages that invade their cellphones and personal lives as well. In an attempt to get a taste of everything, they find themselves keeping track of too many activities, societies, and commitments at once. The hack is to prioritise desires and necessities at once. If one doesn’t know when to stop chasing, then nothing will ever be reached.

Vishal Ranka, a second-year BMM student at Usha Pravin Gandhi College, Mumbai, has a piece of advice for all those who find themselves frowning and panicking throughout the day. He says, “Don’t get stressed due to the confusion of too many things happening at the college. Things would eventually ease up. You must wisely choose to invest in a skill that would contribute to your personal and/or career growth.”

  • Time Management

Carpe diem is significant to make the most out of life, but no human must push herself to do 86, 400 different things a day. When you are rushing from the drama rehearsal to an NGO in another corner of the city, and then work for five internships at home, then its only natural to reach a breaking point. It is practically impossible to expect yourself to invest quality time in everything that catches your eye.

A third-year student of Bachelor of Design at the National Institute of Fashion Technology in Mumbai, Akansha Motwani, has a take on how poor investment in the things you don’t like can create a negative atmosphere. She is of the following view, “College is all about backlog causing a backlog and there is no escape. It is funny how Sunday evenings have become more frightening than Monday mornings.”

  • Diluted Experiences

This one cannot be emphasised upon enough, because many believe that the greatest fall is to fail. Freshers put a variety of tasks on their plate, but gradually forget the value of all. While preparing a dance performance, if you fret over covering the protest at the college then you will not gain the best of what you signed up for.

Ishani Pant, a second-year student of B.A. (Honours) English at Lady Shri Ram College, believes that there is essentially a quantity versus quality dynamic associated with the choices you make in your first year. She emphasises the fact that over-burdening yourself with mediocre work that you don’t enjoy would lead to a disillusionment about the worth of things. “In reality, everything you do has a great potential to be truly riveting. Unfortunately, as 21st-century freshers, we often fail to discern the difference between worthwhile and tempting WhatsApp messages about some great addition to your CV, and the like,” she asserts.  In all honesty, the approach of experimentation may easily backfire when your superiors see your lack of motivation and quality.

Every person has a drive that guides his/her actions in life. It may not be sudden. It may not even seem to exist inside of you. But your passions are not god-gifted treasures. Studies have revealed that developing and committing to the right kind of interests will eventually create a passion for the work. It is true that exploration and failure are bound to stick with you on this path you have ventured upon. More often than not, taking the time to find what you like doing can change the most arduous decisions of your life.

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Anushree Joshi

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