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Teachers’ Column: A Journey of Reminiscence

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As the University of Delhi (DU) wraps up its hectic admission season, DU Beat wishes to take you on a ‘Journey of Reminiscence’ with the people who make the University the best in the country: Teachers
As you find yourself at the threshold of this journey that you will remember all your life, we aim to give you a glimpse of what has been. Even though our teachers may seem very intimidating, not relatable, and often distant, it is important to remember that they once were where we currently are, they were once students. They have dealt with heartbreaks, failures, deadline submissions, college flings, and everything else we are experiencing right now. Over the years, they have accumulated this experience and bundled it up in warm smiles, reassuring glances, and occasionally in the form of strict reprimands.

These staunch personalities have been inspirational figures for the students of Delhi University, and will continue being the source of light for thousands of graduate students. Not only do they propel students towards the path of success, their life lessons have prevented students from gloating about their achievements, and being gracious about the little things. Teachers, they’re just like us!

Here are the statements of a few teachers of Delhi University who share some fond memories of their college days and give valuable messages to the incoming batch of 2018-19.

“I have had the pleasure of studying in both the North and South campuses of DU. Few of the fondest memories from my college days are associated with the badminton courts of South Campus and the cafes in Kamla Nagar. DU sure has changed over the years and one of the most striking features is the makeover from rickety U-Specials to the swanky Metro rides which all of us enjoy today, but the heart and spirit of the varsity is still the same. DU occupies a significant place in the academic and socio-cultural scene in the country. That will not change for many decades to come.”

-Prof. Parikshit Sirohi

Campus Law Centre

“This University provides a platform where students from the length and breadth of our country can design their dreams and decide their futures, while creating a beautiful tapestry of culture. Each college is a microcosm with its unique opportunities and challenges and I wish to see students overcome those challenges and seize those opportunities. Academic rigor aside, DU is a cultural gold mine. You must extract as much as you can!”

-Dr. Saleem Mir

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Cluster Innovation Centre

“College memories are the sweetest memories that I cherish. In my first year our class had decided to bunk a particular lecture; as we were not prepared with our readings. Though we bunked the lecture but our leave was cancelled because of hostellers. I still remember how much we regretted our decision. College provides you with a lot of opportunities; make the maximum use of it. Stay focused, be member of societies that interest you. Go for an education which encompasses the holistic development of an individual and not just awards you with a degree at the end of three years. Hard work, dedication, and sacrifice are the keys to success.”

-Dr. Shachi Chawla

Department of Political Science

Daulat Ram College

“I did my graduation from LSR and I’ve spent some of my best moments in the college canteen. The Paneer Dosa with extra sambar on offer used to fill our days with pleasure. My class used to be an epitome of diversity. I still treasure the Manipuri Lungi that my friend from Manipur gifted me. DU is the place to be in if you want a well-rounded experience of college life. So enjoy each day, be it good or bad. You’ll cherish the good days and learn from the bad ones.”

-Prof. Sonali Chitalkar

Department of Political Science

Miranda House

“There is always something that stands out about each student. A few of them are perennially hungry and always show up to class with a bowlful of maggi while others stumble in their pyjamas for the early morning class, still groggy with sleep. The first day of college is your first step towards autonomy. Do not worry about your appearance. You don’t have to look like a student who has stepped out of a Karan Johar film. Wear comfortable clothes and a friendly smile. Here’s a pro tip, bring a few extra pencils or pens. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to break the ice with your classmates if you have an extra pen to share.”

-Prof. Garima Yadav

Department of English

Shaheed Bhagat Singh College

“During my college days, Valentine’s day had just emerged as a fad. As my friend and I attended our lectures that day, our fresh-in-college rebellious selves scribbled notes to each other, planning our coup d’état from the double lecture by sneaking out from the side windows. Owing to my horrible aiming skills, one of the balls of paper landed directly at the Professor’s desk. Incidentally, I secured highest marks in that paper and am still in touch with the said Professor. DU has much more to offer than just fashion, hip cafes, and politics. The hallmark of this institution is the vibrant spaces it creates for learning outside classrooms.”

-Prof. Rachita Mittal

Department of English

Lady Shri Ram College for Women

“Before anything else, the fresher’s must know that they are learning in an environment with zero judgment. In DU, you are safe to make mistakes. I understand that learning from mistakes isn’t always the best way, but sometimes it’s the only way. Second, even teachers are always learning. Students need to know that we are neither above nor beneath them. If we learn together, we’ll make a terrific progress. My fondest memory of teaching in this University is associated with the care I’ve received all these years. Every year on my birthday, my students get me a cake, sing me the ‘Happy Birthday’ song, and embellish the walls of the classroom with birthday decor.”

-Prof. Dhani Ram

Department of Commerce

Ramjas College

“College life is marked by a lot of freedom, so the students should make the most of it keeping in mind their limits. College life has a lot to offer to freshers: there are college societies, trips, and the eventual exam fever. I would just say that learn, grow, and groom yourself in the three years of college life.”

-Ms. Saloni Arora

Department of Commerce

Jesus and Mary College

Our professors happen to be a fascinating bunch of people. Having dedicated a fair share of their lives to academia and learning, they are able to think dynamically and creatively. Being surrounded by students, specifically the crème de la crème of students in the country, in a varsity that is the hot-bed of student politics, gives them a rare kind of insight. Their lessons and words of wisdom, both inside and outside the classroom are precious and deserve to be cherished. These snippets of knowledge come from a place of great experience and a fundamental desire to create change and are therefore, extremely valuable. The role of academia in the creation of a free-thinking society can never be over-estimated. It is easy to fear and be intimidated by our professors by virtue of their age and experience. In such moments, it is crucial that we look back at these anecdotes full of candour, vulnerability, and youthful mistakes, and remember that they too were once young, falliable, and insecure like we are.


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