Admissions 2018

A Note to the Batch of 2021

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Dearest Fresher’s

Savour this moment, as you stand in long queues, sweaty and hassled with the ongoing admissions process, because at this very second, as you make an important decision, will mark the beginning of a great adventure.

You are on the threshold of joining an institution which will introduce you to some of the brightest minds of our generation. Once you finally make it here, throw yourselves into the movements, music, theatrics, and magic of this Varsity and you’ll become the best possible version of you.

We wish we could quote Dumbledore and say, “Help will always be given at Hogwarts (read DU) to those who ask for it”. However, DU is not kind, these old-experienced walls believe in tough love. You will not necessarily get the best infrastructure or faculty, but it will provide you with opportunities to make the best of it. There will be problems, but there will also be protests against those problems. It will be your choice to pick a side which will make all the difference.

With almost a 100 colleges dotted in across National Capital Region, the University is a like a breathing-living spider web. It houses not just the future of this country but also it’s present. And at this moment it is welcoming you, another batch of thousands of stakeholders, into its vibrant universe.  Its sheer brilliance of talent and knowledge can be tempting and intimidating, but with a little patience and confidence you’ll fare well.

We hope these three years give you group hugs, jitters, breakdowns, laughter, and solace which, for the years to come, will translate into splendid stories and memories.

Good luck! We’ll see you around.


The DU Beat team

Kinjal Pandey

[email protected]

Niharika Dabral

[email protected]

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