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Top 5 Offers Provided by Stanza Living

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Given the trends and spending habits of the youth, money drains fast. Saving up becomes epochal and necessary. Being a Stanza Living resident takes care of it all without cutting back on the fun of your college life. With Stanza, students get to avail over 50+ exciting offers at select outlets throughout Delhi as well as on online services.

One can take advantage of services provided by high-end salons, gyms, cafes, and more. Here is a list of top 5 offers provided by Stanza:

  • NXGT Gaming Lounge

Human interaction is not everyone’s cup of tea. NXGT Gaming Lounge at Kamla Nagar is a video parlour that is the current favourite spot of every virtual gamer. To try your hands at the latest in gaming technology on Playstation, Xbox, and/or PC at a discount of 20%, head to NXGT Gaming Lounge with your Stanza ID card and let the fun begin!

  • Zomato

Everyone loves to order food online and have it delivered to your doorstep but sometimes we restrain our savoury urges because we have no pocket money left. To ensure you get delicious treats on time without burning a hole in your pocket, Stanza has partnered up with Zomato for a 20% off or up to Rs.100 discount on all orders.

  • Looks Salon

Grooming is a necessity, we all must sincerely attend to it and pamper ourselves from time to time. A simple haircut can change our entire look and take our confidence up a notch. Stanza residents can get a 50% off on haircuts at Looks Salon at Kamla Nagar. Be a trendsetter in your college with the always-trendy Looks Salon and your Stanza residences.

  • Rajendra Emporium Chemist

Falling sick even once can make your wallet run tight. In the face of unwanted emergencies, expensive medicines and healthcare, Stanza has your back with a 10% off at Rajendra Emporium Chemist in Model Town. With free delivery, convenience is your new alibi.

  • Anytime Fitness

Whether your goal is fitness or getting those killer abs, there should be no excuse to start exercising and being healthy. Anytime Fitness at Kamla Nagar, a prime gym with all the right tools and instructors, offers a special price of Rs.9000/quarter for all Stanza residents.



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