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Dos and Don’ts of College Admissions

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College admissions are marked by numerous decision making and countless bits of advice. While all of this sounds perplexing and stress-inducing, one must navigate through a number of factors to make that one careful and calculated choice of college selection. Here are some dos and don’ts for the same. 


  1. Learn about the college Faculty

It is important to learn about and interact with the faculty of a college before you take admission in it. Every renowned college may not have an amazing faculty for every course. Therefore, you must find out whether the course you want to opt for has a reputed faculty in the college. When you interact with them, you’ll also understand their demeanor. A friendly, knowledgeable, and supportive teacher is always better.

  1. Talk to students

It would positively add to your decision if you are able to talk to the students of the college doing the course you aspire to do. You will get to hear about first-hand experiences of what you are stepping into. You are allowed to talk about your priorities and apprehensions with them. There are some questions which they can answer more honestly than the faculty example, ‘Are the teachers understanding towards ECA students?’

  1. Visit and research about the college prior to taking admission 

Believe it or not, there is something about getting the ‘vibe’ of a college before you become a part of it. It is important to visit the college before getting admission there so that you can get a first-hand experience. However, prior to that, you must research the college. Some of your focuses must be its fests, library, Student Union, grounds, and auditorium. A good infrastructure and governing body will always make the college life easier.

  1. Get an unbiased opinion on comparing a college with other colleges available to you

It is important to compare a college with all the other options available to you. You must never look at a college as an isolated one. Comparing and prioritizing the different factors of two colleges is important. In the end, you must have a list of your preference of colleges. This should be done before the cut-offs are out as you may not have enough time to think it through in the middle of the cut-offs. To keep the list as accurate as possible, it is important to get unbiased opinions on different colleges.

  1. Take extra care for readying your documents and stationary

Once you are sure about a college, a day prior to the admission day, you must check every document that needs to be presented, twice. Furthermore, it is important to keep with yourself, a box of handy stationary like pens, pencils, staplers, glue, erasers, etc. While you are in the process of taking the admission, there will be a lot of confusion and little time on your hands. It is important to reach the college early and have everything ready in order to avoid the chaos.


  1. Become a victim of peer pressure

It is never wise to come under the societal pressures to decide which college to take admission in. You must, furthermore, never give in to the temptation of taking admission in a college because all your friends are there. Understand that your decision must be backed with reason and vision for the future rather than temporary comforts or social reputation as a priority.

  1. Ignore extracurricular activities

Your CV will not only be defined by the course and college you choose. It will also be majorly defined by the extracurricular activities that you get involved in. Your work experience and the positions you hold during your college life reflect on your abilities. These may overlap with your classes and can affect your grade point if the college isn’t supportive. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the college you get into gives you the opportunities and supports your presence in extracurricular activities.

3. Fear the long distance

Students travel up to two hours every day to the best college they can get. That is just how the culture is at Delhi University. It is wrong to leave a better college because it is so ‘far away’. Students are able to manage traveling and even find their ‘me’ time in the metro. At last, what counts is the name of the college on your CV and not excuses of proximity.

4. Let go of a college because of its stereotypes

Every college in Delhi University has a stereotype attached to it. Some are too ‘political’, others are full of ‘unsophisticated’ women. However, the truth is you will find all kinds of people, everywhere. The type of bonds you want to create with the type of people you aspire to be will shape you as a person. You will find all types, everywhere. Therefore, if you are getting a course and a college of your choice, you must not let it go because of the stereotypes attached to it. The truth is often, very different.


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