DU Requests Teachers to End Evaluation Boycott

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Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) as part of its ‘satyagraha’ against autonomisation of the University of Delhi (DU), had called off the evaluation for this semester’s examination papers. The DU administration in their press release pleaded teachers to start the evaluation soon.

The press release quoted teachers’ mandatory duty to ‘actively participate in evaluation process’ according to the ‘service agreements, and Executive Council Resolutions of 2003 and 2014’. Further, it stressed on students, their future and how that can get hampered due to this boycott.

In response, DUTA released a statement which said, “The DUTA was forced to take this harsh step because of attack on Reservation Policy through 5 March 2018 UGC notification and because of fear that some of the DU colleges may be made autonomous colleges.” Teachers have been denied promotions, pensions, and appointments which has led to the discontentment.

DUTA also reaffirmed student support for ‘grave issues that are at stake affect the stability and quality of the teaching-learning process’. The students have previously supported DUTA in its march in Parliament Street and actively responded to the call for suspension of classes.

Shimona Sharma, a graduating student shared that, “As much as I support DUTA’s decision, I also am worried I will miss postgraduate admissions for that. It would be ideal if DUTA can reach a compromise and start with the evaluation of answer sheets of third-year students.” In 2016 too, the DUTA had boycotted the evaluation, but it later exempted the final-year students.

In its retort, DUTA advised the varsity administration to stop reminding teachers of their duties and to enter into a ‘genuine dialogue and take concrete visible steps’. They are seeking assurance towards resolution of issues, and plan to take the evaluation issue at their next meeting on 13 June 2018.

Feature Image Credits: The Indian Express

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