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The Auburn Umbrella: Spring Fashion

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“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking. “quipped Miranda Preistly in The Devil Wears Prada. The dilemma of spring fashion continues to be complex as it was almost a decade ago when the film originally came out. To expand one’s horizons in terms of how they dress during spring is a challenge in and of itself especially since spring fashion has largely been contained to florals and pastels. Expand your horizons in terms of what Spring Fashion means for you in 2018 by trying out these eclectic style tricks

  • Wear Plaid – Plaid has made significant waves in 2018. From Blake Lively to Chiara Ferragni, everybody has been sporting the fabric this season. What makes the prospect of wearing plaid particularly exciting is how its simplicity allows one to pair it with the loudest and outrageous accessories and tops. A pair of mustard or grey plaid trousers paired with a crop top or a tied up shirt and comfortable flats would make a great outfit, ideal for a casual day out.
  • Wear a knotted up denim shirt – A denim shirt, knotted up at the bottom makes the perfect spring outfit. The denim shirt, thrown over a crop top or dress is a great way to deal with the unpredictable weather than spring can, at times offer. Since denim lends an element of casualness to an outfit, denim shirts are an even more versatile option. You can throw it over a black body-con dress during the day and take off the denim shirt during the evening; thus smoothly transitioning from day to night without having to change your outfit.
  • Wear Bright Colours- For ages Spring Fashion has been restrained to pastels. Bright colours are often relegated to a less relevant role in spring. This spring, stand out by wearing bright and electric colours that reflect your personality and make a loud statement. Be expressive with colours and do not be afraid to bring out the hot pinks and peacock blues, just make sure you tone down your accessories so that your outfit does not look excessively busy.
  • Experiment with Crochet and Lace – spring is the perfect time to play around with fabrics since it is neither unbearably cold nor excruciatingly hot. It gives one the liberty to wear the liberty to wear clothes that may not be tolerably worn, especially in the Indian summers. Play around with fabrics like crochet, which might be heavier or chunkier but are effortlessly elegant. Pair a lace dress with minimalistic jewelry and simple shoes and look graceful without seeming to try too hard.

Spring, with its element of natural re-invigoration, is the ideal time to switch up your style. Just as your natural surroundings begin to bloom and grow, your study and personal aesthetic should also be infused with new life. Experiment and take chances, religiously following only one rule, that there are no rules to follow!


Feature Image Credits – Chiara Ferragni Instagram

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