Enactus Nationals 2018: Battle of Entrepreneurial Action

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Founded in 1975, Enactus is a global student organisation which inspires students to take entrepreneurial action to improve the lives of others. The Enactus World Cup is an annual event featuring the best social innovation projects created by the top university and college teams. With less than a few months left For the world cup and even fewer months left for the Nationals, it would be fitting to take a look at the preparation of some of the Enactus teams from Delhi University.

While Enactus Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies was named Global Champion for Project Rahat last year, this year will witness heightened competition among colleges of University of Delhi to qualify for the Enactus World Cup.
Home to some of the pre-eminent Enactus teams of India, DU claims the legacy of presenting some of the best social innovation projects in Enactus history.

On being asked about their preparation for the Championship, President of Enactus Ramjas Rohit Saha asserted, “With various up and running projects fulfilling many a sustainable goal of the United Nations in the fields of health and well being, our focus for this year’s World Cup is on providing social welfare through clean water, sanitation, and zero hunger.”

As we move on to the college nestled at a walking distance from Ramjas, we will feel the heat of the competition emanating from Enactus Hindu College. The team from Hindu prides itself upon three remarkable projects, Project Oorja, Project Veerangana, and Project Shreshth, the first of which boasts of being in collaboration with LEDsafari, a social start-up based in Switzerland.

One of the strong contenders amongst teams from 36 countries, 1700 campuses, and 72,000 student participants around the globe is Enactus CVS (Centre of Vocational Studies). Sticking to the forte of their college, CVS has decided to pick projects that involve earning livelihoods through vocationalisation- Project Raah and Project Madari. Speaking about their preparation for the Nationals, President of Enactus CVS Anshul Arya claimed, “As a team of young minds, I think Enactus CVS has a perfect blend of knowledge, commitment and dedication to help the underprivileged people.”

Keeping in mind the inputs provided by the judges at the competition last year, Enactus LSR is also gearing up for the Nationals, and has taken some major steps to drive its projects towards sustainability and scalability.
When entreated to spill the beans on their preparation, President of Enactus LSR Amisha Patel commented, “Under Project Auric, wherein our women entrepreneurs of Mangar village in Haryana produce dishwashing liquid, we are actively looking to collaborate with NGOs to expand our reach.”

Claiming the legacy of exceptionally brilliant initiatives such as Project Jazba, Project Zaffran, and Project Tarang, Enactus Miranda House led by its President Anjali Rai, is expected to provide some intense competition to the other teams of Delhi University this year.

As the we inch towards the Enactus Nationals, it would be a marvel to watch these incredible teams challenge each other in the entrepreneurial battle of the year. However, even as these teams battle it out, it is important not to lose track of the motive that ENACTUS stands for: channelising entrepreneurial spirit, passions, and ideas to create good in the world.


Feature Image Credits: Arran High School

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