Organic Yet Economical Products to Use

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Taking care of your basic hygiene can go a long way in preventing diseases but we can do that while simultaneously taking care of the environment. Here are some of the companies and products that fulfill both these conditions.

Face Wash
It is scientifically verified that the skin of the face is thinner than the skin on the other body parts. It requires gentle nourishment and cleansing. Using organic face washes are more eco-friendly, provide healthier, and softer skin. Biotique is a renowned brand for their unique face washes. You may find a number of face washes for your skin type for the price of less than 100. If you can afford to spend a little over 100 bucks, you can give Khadi India a try as their aloe vera, neem, tea tree, and rose face washes have fared greatly in the Indian market. Besides, by buying local, you are boosting the Indian market, the products are affordable, and easy on the environment too.

Lip Balm
If you have chapped lips in winters or dry ones in summers, you should give Raw Rituals a try. Their pocket-friendly and easy-to-carry lip balms have flavours to suit you. Fuschia and Nature’s Emporium’s lip balms keep your natural colour intact and nourishes your lips for long hours.

Face Oil
If your skin becomes dry and loses its luster during winters, Junaili is the brand to go to. It is family based in Nainital making face oils from apricots and lavender grown in their own orchards. They don’t use any chemical and make their face oil from barely two-three natural ingredients. Their face oils have a subtle fragrance and are to be applied overnight. You would observe a glow in your skin in the morning and it feels supple too.

Everybody seems to experience different kinds of problems with their hair and scalp during summer as well as winter. Having a good shampoo that suits your hair as well as budget is not that hard to find. Fab India, Organic Harvest, Biotique, and Khadi India have a range of shampoos that deal with the different hair problems and bring the luster back to your hair.
Let us take a pledge to promote our Indian brands while taking care of our environment and body. These products and companies can prove to be very reasonable for a student’s budget.


Feature Image Credits: The Khadi Shop

Prachi Mehra
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