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The Paling Enthusiasm of New Year Resolutions

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Many of us decide New Year resolutions for ourselves with a plan to improve in the coming year. But many of us fail to keep up with the pledge.

A New Year’s resolution is a pledge one makes in terms of behavior or actions so that the person improves their life or achieves any set goal. It has become a very popular tradition by now. And as a part of the tradition, we too make resolutions for the coming year. It’s just that many of us fail to keep up with the pledge made.
With such grit and determination we make those promises telling ourselves to be a better person. These resolutions are made regarding a lot of things but as per Statistic Brain, the most common ones are weight loss, self-improvements and better financial decisions at 21.4%, 12.3% and 8.5% respectively. Talking about improving ourselves, there wouldn’t be a better time to initiate something positive with a new year. A new beginning to our lives.

But the fact is, those planned improvements remain as an unfulfilled thought within the head. As per Business Insider India, 80% of the resolutions fail by the second week of February! That’s a staggeringly terrible number which reflects how disciplined we actually are towards our goals. These numbers are convincing enough to question our commitment levels towards our objectives. We can take the deciding up of New Year’s Resolution as a simple example of achieving our goals. It is a goal like any other long-term goal and the execution of the goal is the reality of our actions to achieve those goals.

We listen to motivational speeches and successful people talking about attitude, commitment and so on. These decorated words seem so attractive and energizing to us. Only if we could apply these words into actions. According a report published by Forbes a few years back, only 8% of the people carry on with their resolutions throughout the year. The number wouldn’t have risen a lot if it did at all in the years that followed the report. This does not mean that those 8% of the people will be the successful one necessarily, but they certainly have a better attitude than us. And if they are so consistent, don’t they become the deserving ones to taste success?

Again, judging something so vast on the mere parameter of New Year’s resolution would not be valid by any means. But the point being made is that it is these kinds of promises that check our ability and discipline. The resolution is a small example depicting our activities. Our dedication levels should not be limited to a single aim or activity. It should be on all fronts. After all, such an attitude will give reap us the fruits for our good deeds. So why don’t we start with something as random yet meaningful as the New Year’s resolution? At the end of the day, the very aim of the resolution is to make us better.


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Karan Singhania
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