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North East Festival Celebrated at IGNCA, Delhi

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North East is a big contributor to India’s diversity as it comprises of several ethnic groups and hosts a vast culture. However, the harsh reality is that student’s coming from the region still face a lot of discrimination. Here is a look at how the North East Festival (NEF) is helping in bridging the gaps and spreading awareness.

North East India is considered to be one of the most distinct and spectacular regions of our country. Spread over an approximate expanse of 2,65,000 sq kms, North East represents a true collage of colours of ethnic groups with their diverse language and culture all bound together by a triad of unison.

The North East Festival is an attempt to create awareness about North East India and to promote tourism. The purpose of the festival is to reduce the regional gaps and to celebrate the essence of the region. This year, North East Festival was organized at IGNCA Ground, Janpath, New Delhi from 3rd-5th November 2017. The event is considered to be the biggest festival about the Northeastern region in the national capital. It is aimed to highlight the positive aspects of the region which is so full of talent, resources, and represents a varied culture. The culture of every state is represented through an extensive display of textiles, handlooms, food stalls, handicraft, etc.

The University of Delhi has a vast representation of students belonging to this special region of India. Every year student political parties include “activities to increase the welfare of North East students” in their election manifestos, many colleges under Delhi University have North-East Cells, but is the harsh discrimination against these students ever truly acknowledged?

Recognition and acknowledgment are two phenomena that can curb social exclusion, which is sadly, still a very prominent problem concerning the North Eastern students of Delhi University. The North Eastern students to this day continue to face the bitter sting of stereotypes, ethnic slurs, and harassment. What is important to recognise now is that instead of quietly accepting the humiliation and nastiness heaped on them, active steps like organising the North East Festival need to be taken to spread awareness and information about this beautiful region that has much to offer in abundance.


Feature Image Credits: The Indian Express

Bhavya Banerjee

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