Delhi University to Dole Out Percentages Alongside Grades in Final Year CBCS Marksheets

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CBCS System followed at the University of Delhi is Relative Grading and not Absolute Grading. The University did constitute a committee in 2016 to see into a mix of both systems but it was rejected later on. In this system, your SGPA is not entirely dependent on your performance. It depends on how your classmates did in the exam. It is as if, they check the sheets of all the students then total the marks of all the students in that batch. Then they calculate the average and finally find the standard deviation of your marks from the average. Since the introduction of CBCS, students have been very keen to get the know-how in converting their grade points to a percentage but this hasn’t been propagated. To this, a student replied, “ the University of Delhi must actually provide a formula for the conversion which it sadly hasn’t.”
SGPA Obtained/Highest SGPA in Course multiplied by 100
Till date, the above formula was in use, as this is normally accepted across many universities for admission in the post-graduation courses, in case a particular university hasn’t devised their own formula.
Now the Examination Wing of DU is in the process to devise a formula for the conversion of CGPA into percentage in the final year of the Undergraduate Courses under the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS). They are calling in for suggestions and observations regarding the same. This will ease the pain of the final year students, and also provide a uniform base throughout the university.

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