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Walk-A-Thon: A Sensitisation Drive

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On the eve of White Cane Safety Walk, Save The Quest organised a blindfolded walk throughout the North Campus, University of Delhi. The purpose of the walk was to sensitise people about the difficulties faced by the visually impaired people and how we can help them with a little effort.
The event started off with registrations at 8:30 in the morning. Orientation programme took place in the auditorium where we were welcomed by the teacher-in-charge of NSS Hindu College and the founder of STQ, Mr. Saif Ahmed Khan. At 10:30 we were asked to hold a white cane, put a blindfold and join the crowd with a partner each. One was blindfolded and other remained sighted, which got reversed half-way through the walk. It was not just an emotion of selflessness, it was a feeling: to salute our fellow visually impaired friends who manage to carry out their daily chores. We were accompanied by a chain of volunteers and policemen who controlled the traffic. A 2 km blindfolded walk and we faced so many difficulties in getting through despite having someone to guide us and the visually impaired ones- they do not always have people around them to be their eyes. The world seemed black and the way we were walking on, vast and scary. We came back to our starting point, shared our views on how we felt and what we feel towards our friends. Then, we had a performance by Save the Quest VIS band.
Mr. Saif Ahmad Khan distributed white canes and Braille Signature tool to all the visually impaired students present there and later a vote of thanks to NSS Hindu, Adroit, advertising society DCAC, NSS DCAC: all for their selfless hard work.
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