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Do These If You Are Away from Home This Diwali

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If you are planning not to go back home this Diwali, you should definitely try the following so that your holiday doesn’t go to waste.

The festival of lights is already here, having enlightened people to make their plans for this Diwali. The sight of the earthen ‘diyas’ brings smile to the faces that look forward to light them. The entire idea of bursting crackers makes up for the most memorable moments of everyone’s childhood. The variety in the scent of the mouth-watering dishes that overpowers the breeze- become the harbinger of the guiltless cheat.

However, if you are planning on staying or are staying away from home this Diwali; you will be in need of the some suggestions. This is because despite consoling oneself of one’s capability to spend through the festive days. It becomes tough: the thoughts of the past have this tendency of haunting you, making you miss your friends and family, thereby, filling you with a sense of regret of the decision of staying alone.

1) Join your relatives:
This should top your list if you are lucky enough to have relatives in the same city as you are living in. This is equal to spending time with your family. Moreover, cousins make up for the best match to spend a festival with; you might recall your childhood memories, play card games and most importantly, have home-made food, something that most people are unfortunate to miss out on.

2) Spend some me-time:
This will definitely work for you if you are a loner kind of a person. The best part of staying away from home is the luxury of being able to give yourself time and perch upon the thoughts that otherwise you would have been unable to do with all those doting relatives surrounding you. You can either watch a movie and order good food or just sleep the entire day and do nothing. This is definitely not less than nirvana!

3) Volunteer at charitable homes:
This might be a good way to spend the Diwali if you are missing the company of your loved ones. You might foster some new and exciting bond with people who will have really interesting stories to tell. Moreover you will contribute and help bring light to the life of people living in the margins. These neglected people living in reduced circumstances are not able to spend this festive time as they rightfully deserve to. The smile that you will bring on their faces might bring you a lot of joy and happiness. As everyone says a little good deed goes a long distance.

4) Getaways on a limited budget: There are a lot of good places to visit near Delhi. These trips can be covered in a day or two on a very limited budget. There won’t be a better time to take a trip that you have long been planning to but are unable to because of the busy schedule. You can visit Lansdowne, McLeod Ganj, Kasauli, Surajkund or any other place. This getaway will help you rejuvenate yourself especially as semester exams are not far off and you will need to start preparing as soon as Diwali ends.

5) Explore the city:
If you don’t want to take a trip there are many other options that you can try. Delhi itself has a lot of beautiful places and monuments that you can go out and explore. You can take your camera and capture these beautiful places. Being alone has an advantage that you are not dependant on someone else to make a plan. Other than that you can indulge yourself in some shopping. Who does not like spending money on clothes and food?

So we hope that you seize the day and enjoy this Diwali at its fullest.

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