Aryabhatta College

Healthy Happy Headspace: TEDx Aryabhatta College

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Team TEDx, AryabhattaCollege organised Healthy Happy Headspace on TEDxGlobalDay to spread awareness about mental illness. TEDxGlobalDay is a one-day initiative by TED aiming towards creating a sustained momentum for local change on a global scale. The programme was divided into three components Watch, Discuss, Activate.
The exciting day began with a viewing of TEDGlobal, NYC, an inaugural event aiming towards out-of-the-box thinking about world issues, followed by The Human Library event in which the volunteers got to share and discuss their life experiences with fellow team members. The next event was Stress-Free Zone which included many exuberant activities such as musical chairs; art competition, rapid-fire, dance, confessions and a cupcake stall to spread sweetness the world needs. The event was wonderfully carried out.

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