TedX Shivaji organised its first event on Friday, 24th August. DU Beat brings you the highlights along with a sneak peak of the performances.

Shivaji College, University of Delhi (DU), organised its first ever TEDx Event on Friday, 24th July 2018 in their college campus in Shivaji Enclave, Raja Garden, Delhi.

The event lasted for five hours, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and saw a turnout of over eighty students from all across the Delhi University. The theme being F5 (refresh), the event saw eight speakers who kept the audience on their feet and ready for more.

Niladri Chatterjee, a professor at IIT Delhi, was the first speaker of the event and spoke about the importance of human intelligence in the era of artificial technology. “We have to be smart so that the machines that we use be more human-like,” said Chatterjee. Suhani Jalota, CEO/Founder at Myna Mahila Foundation and recognised by Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia, spoke about the importance of women healthcare and sanitation.

The event also saw an enthralling performance by Amrut Bhat, Founder of the Drum Circle, who brought the audience to their feet, cheering to the rhythm of his music.

Another speaker at the event, Rudrani Chettri, a transgender model and activist and founder of the MITR Trust for the sexual and reproductive awareness of the LGBTQ+ community in India, talked about her struggles and her aim to make the fashion and art industry more gender fluid.

On Rudrani’s talk, Namrata Randhava, a first-year student of B.A. Programme at Gargi College, said “She was so amazing that she almost made me tear up. I was completely mesmerised by her talk. It was a great combination of light-hearted and powerful words!”

“Everything that is happening in your life is building up to something,” said Mohammad Kaif, captain of the World Cup Winning Under 19 Indian Cricket team in 2000 who was a speaker at the event along with his wife, Pooja Kaif, a corporate anchor.

The event also witnessed talks by Shruti Sharma, founder of Books on the Delhi Metro, Anamika Singh, a performer/ dancer and the founder of Ada,, and Divya Prakash Dubey, an author and storyteller. There was a lunch break from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. which stretched on too long and exhausted the audience. The event dragged on a little longer till 4 p.m. but the stories kept the audience engaged.

Anmol Sharma, a second-year B.Com. Programme student of Shivaji College and a member of the organising committee of TedX Shivaji, said, “We were not expecting the event to be completely sold out and have such a wide turnout since Shivaji is an off-campus college and does not attract a huge audience.” “This was our first TEDx event and all of us, along with the administration, are really happy with the response we got. We’re all geared up for another TEDx event next year,” he added.

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Inputs from Namrata Randhawa
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Feature Image Credits:  Namrata Randhawa  for DU Beat

TEDxDTU, one of the capital’s most awaited TED events, is back with an intriguing array of speakers on 20 April 2018 at Delhi Technological University from 11 AM – 7 PM. TEDx events are locally organized conferences licensed under TED, a non-profit organization devoted to ideas worth spreading.

Theme (1)

The talks in the event will be centered about the theme ‘DEUX EX MACHINA’.

ABOUT THE THEME ‘DEUX EX MACHINA’ – The solution to a seemingly unsolvable problem. The  entrance of a ‘god’ to bring an end to an unresolvable climax. The trump card. Referring to the introduction  of these ideas, our theme, ‘Deus Ex Machina’ aims to coalesce with the very principle of TEDx– Ideas Worth  Spreading. With issues arising in every field, our goal is to bring forth a series of revolutionary ideas which break  the generic glass ceilings, and bring forth interesting outcomes. Rather than being unexpected twists in the  scenarios, we aim to foster the generation of solutions which have been staring us in the face all along, and  invoke conversations of its implications in the modern scenario.

The event will display a spectacular set of talks and performances, wherean august panel of speakers will encourage the audience to express themselves articulately by discussing innovative ideas and sharing impactful messages.

“This time we’re innovating at the highest levels to produce an event of global standards which will resonate amongst us all. We will see the reflection of our similarity in our uniqueness.”- quotes Nilasis Bhattacharya, Curator of TEDxDTU 2018.


Catering to the enthusiasm preceding the event, TEDxDTU invites registrations on its website www.tedxdtu.in/accounts/login.





Speakers for TEDxDTU 2018 include distinguished representatives from their respective fields, such as:


  • KARAN WAHI –TV actor, host and model. He started his television career in the 2004 show Remix, through which he garnered fame. He made his Bollywood movie debut in Habib Faisal’s Daawat-e-Ishq, and had a lead role in Hate Story 4.


  • ANKUR WARIKOO – He is the Co-Founder and CEO of com– which is his third startup. Passionate about organization building – Warikoo cares enough to share his experiences as an entrepreneur on social media – making him a powerful influencer.


  • AKASA SINGH – With a blockbuster hit, ”Tu Kheech Meri Photo”, she is one of the most talented live singers in this country. She began performing at an early age of 17yrs and has been a favourite amongst TV shows, featuring in Angels of Rock (MTV) , India’s Raw Star (Star Plus) and the most recent being Amazon Originals- The Remix.


  • KAUSTUBH RADKAR – He is a former national swimming champion and has finished the coveted IRONMAN triathlon on all six continents, being the first Indian to do so, in October 2015. He bas finished 20 Ironmans till date most for anyone living in India.


  • VIKI VAURORA – Founder of great legalization movement. He proved that cannabis can be regulated to cure cancer, and the PMO has now demanded a relook into cannabis prohibition all because of his efforts.


  • ANINDA BAGCHI– He is the Associate Director of Project Management at CBRE, one of the largest commercial real estate services and investment firm in the world.


  • RJ SUKRITI – She is an electronic engineer turned RJ turned Video blogger turned Video Host/VJ. She has previously worked with radio channels such as Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM Delhi and is currently hosting a show with a hugely popular online gaming/quiz app, Brain Baazi.


  • ISHAN BOSE – He is a man with many hats, currently being the head of Marketing, Sales and PR at KrazyBee as well as the head of India Operations at DingTalk (DingDing), the Mobility ERP solution from the Alibaba Group, focusing on the higher education institutions.


  • SHUBHA VILAS – After 11 years of monkshood, he set out to spread joy and knowledge of living a life based on the purity of scriptures, making them not just understandable but also practical. He has also authored many books, including a six-volume rendition of the


  • SANDRA COLHANDO She is the Co-Founder of TransforME Learning and Leadership Solutions, an award-winning results-based learning firm focused on enabling personal transformation. Prior to this, she has also held senior positions in organisations such as GE, Convergys, Indiabulls and Mahindra & Mahindra.


Follow TEDxDTU on:

Website:  www.tedxdtu.in

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About TEDx, x = independently organized event

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TED Talks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized. (Subject to certain rules and regulations.)


Team TEDx, AryabhattaCollege organised Healthy Happy Headspace on TEDxGlobalDay to spread awareness about mental illness. TEDxGlobalDay is a one-day initiative by TED aiming towards creating a sustained momentum for local change on a global scale. The programme was divided into three components Watch, Discuss, Activate.
The exciting day began with a viewing of TEDGlobal, NYC, an inaugural event aiming towards out-of-the-box thinking about world issues, followed by The Human Library event in which the volunteers got to share and discuss their life experiences with fellow team members. The next event was Stress-Free Zone which included many exuberant activities such as musical chairs; art competition, rapid-fire, dance, confessions and a cupcake stall to spread sweetness the world needs. The event was wonderfully carried out.

The 2nd edition of TEDxFMS was held on 3rd September, 2016 at the Conference Centre of Delhi University. This time, the theme of the independently organized event was ‘Driving Change’. The event saw the participation of a large number of attendees, a majority of which were students of the Faculty of Management Studies and various other colleges of Delhi University. The event featured talks from various stalwarts of industries, NGOs, artists and highly accomplished achievers. The event started with a talk by Pramod Bhasin, the non-executive Vice Chairman of Genpact-the largest Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Company of India. He talked about the birth of an industry which is a story of naivety, foolishness and sheer hope. Talking about the birth of BPO industry in Gurgaon, he asked students to be as informal as they can be in their work life, as informality drives communication. He said “One thing that I have learnt from the Americans is that- don’t fear failure. There is only one life to lead. If the idea blows up, so do we.” This talk was followed by Anuksha Arsh Gulati, the founder of A.A.G- Arise Awake Grow. She talked about the importance of spirituality and highlighted it through various life events. Talking about personal spiritual growth, she said “Spirituality and Science are the two sides of the same coin.” [caption id="attachment_44253" align="aligncenter" width="488"]Anuksha Arsh Gulati Anuksha Arsh Gulati[/caption] The next talk was delivered by Biswapati Sarkar, the creative director of The Viral Fever (TVF). He spoke on how to engineer a career in the entertainment industry. Speaking about the obsession of Indian parents with engineering, he said “In India, if you are good at something, you do it after Engineering.” Talking about the sad state of the Entertainment Industry in India, he said that four young people driving around the India Gate in an open jeep, is a fifty year old idea of what a twenty year old does. After this, the stage was taken over by Khurafati Nitin who spoke on how to adapt to changes during the ups and downs in life through examples from his own life. He explained that struggles are the reasons for our rise in life. He ended his talk saying “Life is a waste of time. Time is a waste of life. So why not waste all your time to have the time of your life?”  [caption id="attachment_44244" align="aligncenter" width="310"]IMG_20160904_150942 Khurafati Nitin[/caption] The event resumed after half an hour with a talk by Shivya Nath, the award winning travel blogger. She spoke about her experiences of leaving her job at 23 and going after her dream of travelling the world. She said “Have a simple life, yet that is inspiring each day.” This was followed by a talk from Marc Saxor, a German analyst, publicist and strategist who spoke on how to have an alternate vision and go forward in implementing it. [caption id="attachment_44252" align="aligncenter" width="285"]Marc Saxer Marc Saxer[/caption] The next talk was given by Venkat Raman Singh Shyam, a contemporary Gond artist who has been awarded with Rajya Hasta Shilpa Puraskar by Govt. of Madhya Pradesh. He did a jugalbandi with Anand, who is his friend, a writer and publisher of several books. Speaking about the importance of tribal arts, Anand said “Adivasis are not only our first people, but also our first artists. The art we make and the land we live in, own us.” Speaking about his art, Venkat said “My journey has been that of a pinwheel, of constant change. I am a Gond, and I paint Gond art. Or else I would’ve been rootless.” [caption id="attachment_44246" align="aligncenter" width="479"]PicsArt_09-04-03.17.16 Venkat Raman Singh Shyam[/caption] The last talk of the evening was given by Jasper Reid, the founder of IMM which builds consumer brands in international markets like the Wendy’s and Jamie Oliver restaurants in India. He spoke of how to better yourself at changes in life. He said, “In addition to focusing on your mental health and your academics, an important area to focus on is your ability to adapt, on your inner Arctic Fox.” [caption id="attachment_44247" align="aligncenter" width="509"]PicsArt_09-04-03.05.26 Jasper Reid[/caption] The event ended with a vote of thanks from Dr. Monica Singhania, Professor at Faculty of Management Studies (FMS). Overall, the event witnessed an audience which happily posted about the event online with #TEDxFMS. Image Credits: Gerush Bahal for DU Beat Srivedant Kar [email protected] Swareena Gurung [email protected]]]>

educart.com. Mr Gupta spoke about the importance of an entrepreneurial culture in India and how it would help achieve the nation’s vision of becoming a super-power! TEDxNSIT Following Mr Gupta, we had another NSIT alumnus, Mr Abhay Pruthi, the co-founder of Reach, who spoke about how being a hustler helped him achieve success. He urged all students to start finding their passion and fighting very hard for it just like a hustler. The next talk was given by Abi Aryan, the Chief Business Development officer at Coinsecure. She shared her experience and passion for block-chain technology and artificial intelligence and how capitalization on this front would be pivotal to the advancement in technology across the globe. The last speaker was Dr Ravi Mehrotra, director National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Medical research, Indian council of medical research. He spoke about how a healthy lifestyle can prevent cancer and told the audience about the new drugs that will help contain cancer and extend life of patients. Inputs from Team Crosslinks, NSIT. ]]>

“We live in a world of clichés. More often than not, we settle into the comfortable lives provided to us by the virtue of heredity and seldom care about thinking and doing something outside the circle of self-profit. Only some exhibit the propensity to see a change and work towards it.”
The theme for this TEDxSSCBS was Spectral Hues.

Aditya Bal
Aditya Bal

The literal meaning of Spectral Hues pertains to the various colours one sees when white light passes through a prism. Metaphorically, this phrase symbolises renewal, rejuvenation and optimism. The white light represents the prevalent obsoleteness of ideas and thoughts in any sector of life; which can be eliminated only by the endeavours of those people who can think differently yet positively, who can work calmly yet intensely, who can be self-motivated yet achieve goals in a team, who bear the ability of being the risk-takers and change-makers and hence turn the world from black-and-white to a spectral hued one.

Smriti Nagpal
Smriti Nagpal


TEDx was created in the spirit of TED’s mission, “Ideas worth Spreading”. It supports independent organizers who want to create a TED-like event in their own community. Keeping in mind the vision of such an event, students of Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, University of Delhi organised their very first TEDx conference, TEDxSSCBS, on 8th February, 2016 at the India International Centre, New Delhi. The theme for the event was ‘Spectral Hues’. This theme was initiated with the aim of sharing ideas, philosophies and stories of the people who were able to see a beam of light in the dark, who had the courage and pluck to fight the odds of the society and contribute in their own unique way.

Naved Khan
Naved Khan


TEDxSSCBS had 10 speakers from almost all walks of life. The speaker lineup consisted of:

  1. Aditya Bal (celebrity chef)
    2. Ayaz Memon (sports journalist)
    3. Chiragh Dewan (COO, AiroCorp)
    4. Geet (entertainer)
    5. Naved Khan (radio jockey)
    6. Sai Prasanth, (mountaineer, entrepreneur)
    7. Smriti Nagpal, (Founder, Atulyakala)
    8. Vasu Primlani (green comedian)
    9. Vikramjit Singh (comedian, writer)
    10. Tom Thomas (CEO, Praxis India)

The event started with the distribution of the gift bags and complementary cupcakes from the team, followed by the host Bhavita Singh (former Miss India runner-up) introducing the theme and the concept of TED and TEDx to the attendees.

Apart from the fabulous speakers, the event also had two filler events lined up: a 20-minute-session by Aditi Singhal (mathematician) and beatboxing.

The event supported by EdCamp and media partner DU Beat was appreciated by the attendees and speakers alike. The Steering Committee also plans to organise the second TEDxSSCBS and they promise to be back soon with a grander TEDx experience.