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Enthusiasm of College Societies Taking Over!

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Admissions are almost over and college societies have started their recruitment process. The freshers, ever so willingly try and make it to the society they wish to be a part of.

Most of the admissions have now been done and dusted and students are getting more familiar with their college. Another eventful phase of admissions is now slowly fading away and freshers might be getting an idea as to how their next year is going to be. They have all waited long enough and worked rigorously to be in the university they once dreamt of. And college societies are something everyone looks up to. Apart from academics, everyone wants to do something more and college societies offer them with the exact opportunity.

All of us have our personal interests and hobbies. Some like to dance while some like to act while some like to write and so on. And once we step into DU colleges, we are acquainted with the various societies based on different fields that are run and sustained by the students themselves. From theatre to entrepreneurship, there is a society that coincides our interests and provides us the platform to work in that area. Be it organizing a college fest or performing in a national level competition, DU societies offer it all.

One cannot simply let go of the chance to have a possibly wonderful experience and doing something extra. This enthusiasm of students, particularly freshers show up once the society recruitments take place. And it is the month where all the societies look for recruitments. Tens of desks are set up with posters or flex that read out the society name with a few guys all sitting with a pen and a piece of paper sit all day long. Hundreds of curious students enquire about the work and functioning of these societies and register themselves as an applicant. Seminar rooms and halls are always booked throughout the week where various societies conduct their orientation. Students carrying their bags rush into these halls in order to get a seat before it’s all full. One can peek in these rooms and see the entire crowd listening to the society members talking about their society and experiences.

Students miss their classes in order to attend a GD or a PI or maybe give an audition to showcase their potential and hopefully be a part of the society they look forward to. Round tables have students around them debating over issues or giving their opinion on current affairs. Everybody tries to convince the interviewing panel that they will be a good fit in the society. These interviews can either be smooth or be very grilling. Some come out of it confident while some have disappointed faces reeling after having a tough time during it. It all happens. It always does.  This little one month phase is the defining phase for hundreds of these students who apply to be a part of societies. This phase is what will somewhat determine how their next year is gonna be.

The intensity of the recruitment process is natural given the scale these college societies cover. They provide an insight of their respective fields and serve as the perfect platform for willing students. Particularly in DU, various societies are very active and are extremely objective oriented. They help in nurturing the aspiring and inculcating interest in others. They help the students develop themselves. And the curiosity to be a part of these societies is evident in the way students apply in them. And it won’t be wrong to say that this aura of enthusiasm is the key to the successful functioning of DU college societies which has resulted in creating a college society culture like no other.


Feature Image Credits: DUB Archives

Karan Singhania

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