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Life in the Theatre Society: Of Painstaking Efforts and Rewarding Contentment

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“Main shahifakeer wah bhai wah, main shahifakeer wah bhai wah,
main sona naa maangiya wah bhai wah,
main heera naa maangiya wah bhai wah,
yeh Kshitij humara wah bhai wah,
yeh gaana gaanda kyaaaaa…”

As freshmen, standing on the threshold of the seemingly crucial years of our life, intimidated by the novelty of the ensuing pursuits, the theatre society is a place that provides a reckless calm to the effervescent souls.

They say there are some things in life that leave an indelible impression on you, enough to last lifetimes. Those who have had the privilege of spending their hours and days and weeks in their college’s dramatics society know how well-meaning something as intangible as an art form can be. Swaying to the melodious cacophonies produced from an array of musical instruments, from the very well-known indigenous dholaks to the lesser known rope tuned, skin-covered goblet drums, djembe, are artists sworn to their intent to deliver justice wherever they find it lacking.

The very roots of street theatre embody a melange of progressive world views, portrayed rather comically with exaggerated gestures and bold expressions to allure the audiences into attention. Their sartorial uniformity is very pleasing to the eye. From the charcoal black kurtas to the flamboyant tones of green, red, and blue, all with the exception of nothing, makes them a picturesque act all of their own.

The gruelling months of research that goes into the making of a play, the very stringent workout regime custom-made to fit the requisites of a street theatre artist, and the several challenging acting workshops that one has to be put through to ensure riddance of mental blocks and innate inhibitions helps improve not just the performance but also positively contributes to their holistic development.

A much-needed value addition to life, as I like to call it, my theatre society is the culmination of everything that makes me want to to be proud of who I am and what I do. It is one of the very few things that you will do in your life that will seem fitting regardless of the cause and will tire you endlessly for all the right reasons.

For however long I choose to be here, I know that I made the right choice to steal a quick glimpse than to have not seen it at all.

Feature Image Credits: Chauraha 2017, IP College for Women 


Lakshita Arora

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