Internship oppurtunity with Art of Living

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“Great things are brought about and burdens are lightened through the efforts of many hands anxiously engaged in a good cause.”

If you believe in it and are ready to act, then this is the time!

Applications are now open for ‘Netritva – Lead to Transform’ (Apply now at www.netritva.in) , a certified social Internship Program, initiated by the Art of Living.

The Art of Living is an educational and humanitarian movement engaged in stress management and service initiatives. The organization operates globally in 155 countries and has touched the lives of over 370 million people.

This program provides current college students and recent graduates the opportunity to gain practical work experience and emerge as leaders, inspire people and make a difference along with their regular college/work life.  Interns will gain valuable on-the-job experience while contributing back to the society under various pillars of the internship, being: educating the underprivileged, organizing free health camps across the city, spreading awareness about mental health and hygiene, cleaning, beautifying and transforming key locations in the capital, conducting tree plantation and eco drives. Leverage it to immerse yourself in diverse social projects of high impact, to use out of the box ideas, creativity and best of skills to solve real time problems of high importance. Spread over 17-20 weeks, interns will be constantly guided by the mentors to bring out the best in them.

They will also be exposed to a broader perspective through field trips, information sessions, and panel discussions. As a part of the program the interns will take on to do something huge, they will put together best of their organizing skills and managerial skills to host a youth leadership forum, which will get together highly renowned dignitaries including Parliamentarians, Bureaucrats, Entrepreneurs etc. on panel and about thousand distinguished delegates from premier institutes across India. It will be a space to celebrate unique ideas, life changing experiences and heart melting creativity.

If you think you have it in you, and want to live your dream of being a catalyst for social change, then here is your chance!

For queries contact : [email protected] or call on 7838505407

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