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Your Next Three Years, Defined by Your Next Three Weeks

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The University of Delhi is undoubtedly a breeding ground for personal growth. For 60,000 students each year, the central university becomes a new home, out of which students leave as the best versions of themselves. This is not the work of solely DU itself, though – it requires students to make the best of what the University has to offer.

Delhi University is most popular for its numerous societies. Whether performing or non-performing, these societies usually hold their auditions in the first couple weeks of August. While they may be daunting, auditions are one of the best ways to get out of your comfort zones, especially right out of school. They also work as a quick method of getting to know both your seniors and your peers and finding a group of people who are passionate about the same things as you. College is about exploring and growing – whether that’s excelling in a field you’re already experienced in or going out of your way to developing a new skill. Many a time, your fellow society members will go on to become your friends for life.

These friends are, of course, as diverse as they come. As a DU professor once said, “During our times, classrooms were mostly filled with students who came from Delhi itself, but now every classroom is a picture of Pan-Indian culture.” It is likely that your class has a substantial composition of students who aren’t from the same background or region as you. This diversity gives you a special window into the different parts – and more importantly, the different people – of India. Make an effort to befriend them. You’ll definitely learn about the diversity our country offers, but in addition to that, there’s a good chance you’ll also get to enjoy the cuisines and cultures of other states.

The next three weeks are when you’ll probably pick your college friends and stick with them during your time in DU. As we know, a man’s friends define who he is. The people whom you will choose will play a huge role in influencing your life decisions for the next three years. In both your difficult times and happy moments, they will become your family. They say we can’t choose our family, but college is when lifelong friendships are made. Choose wisely and you’ll have a new, handpicked family in merely a few years.

When it comes to growth, we can’t forget about the sudden shock that college gives you. Prescribed books, reference books, guides, sample question papers, and everything else that previously made your academic journey a set road are now a thing of the past. Xerox readings, partial syllabus coverage, and delayed exam results reflect the sad state of higher education in our country, but on the other side also give you an opportunity to build your skills of self-reliance and forge a personality that seeks success on self-efforts. So when DU gives you a hard time, use it to hone your confidence and spontaneity.

With two weeks of college already completed, make the most out of the coming days to make your mark. Get ready to embrace Delhi University – it’ll be your home before you know it.

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