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SGTB Khalsa College torments young cricketer trying to secure admission

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In another case of carelessness on the part of college administrators, a 17 year old champion cricketer Ajay Guliya was denied admission into the college of his choice due to carelessness of the authorities. Ajay scored 79 out of 100 in the varsity’s sports trials, which was claimed to be the highest for a left arm spinner. However, the student was shocked to know that he was not shortlisted by the top college of his choice, Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College, in the first merit list which was released by the college on Sunday.

The reason behind his name not being in the merit list, as given by the college authorities stated that his form was misplaced. This new came as a shock to Ajay and his family because hundreds of students compete to get into University of Delhi from across the country and the university admits about 54,000 undergraduates every year. Five percent of all college seats are reserved for students under the sports and extracurricular activities quota. Ajay was confident about his chances as he had displayed his talent as an all rounder cricketer in the Under 19 team at the national level, as well as the Under 14 and Under 16 teams from Delhi state.  He was surprised to know that students who scored lower than him were selected, in place of him. Now Ajay has been asked to wait for the second merit list, even though he has easily made the cut in the first list.

Ajay Guliya was later contacted by Anil Kalkal, the Sports Council Director, assuring him that a seat would be given to him in the second list of SGTB Khalsa College.
An official of the sports admission committee at Khalsa College admitted that the form was misplaced. On conditions on anonymity, he stated that the action was an unintentional mistake and the college has not denied him admission. They have assured him that a seat would be given in the second admission list, but he is adamant to rake the issue. It was further on added that SGTB Khalsa College holds the reputation of sending the maximum number of cricket players on the University level, hence the mistake is unintentional.

Rakesh Guliya, Ajay Guliya’s father believes that this is no way to treat a national level player who is trying to mould his future. He believes that his son’s admission process has been full of hurdles, and now Khalsa College is taking his son’s future for granted.

On Monday, Guliya finally secured admission in Hindu College. However, this incident threw light upon the faulty mechanisms of college administrations. Does this call for more transparency in the field of admissions under the sports and ECA quota?

Feature Image Credits: India Today

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