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Delhi School of Social Work’s hostel puts up notice for students to “dress up properly”

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According to a notice put up at Delhi School of Social Work on April 27th, 2017, the residents of the hostel are advised to “dress up properly”, while leaving the definition of “proper” open ended and undefined.

The notice has, however, not been received very well by the students, calling the ruling “patriarchal” and the advice “disgraceful”. In response to which, another notice was put up on April 29th, 2017 by DSW hostel’s warden explaining the context of the complaint. The notice read, “The advice regarding dress was made in context of complaint from some female residents of the hostel with regard to certain male residents sleeping in common room in inappropriate night dress, which was curbing their use of common room.” The hostel, providing accommodation to both female and male students separately while making the common room available to all students, allegedly, led to the ruling by the hostel warden.

As per Professor Neera Agnimitra, the head of DSW and provost of the hostel the notice had been put up in response to certain complaints by some girl students about some male students making use of the common study room while being improperly dressed, making it uncomfortable for them to study or watch television in the room. The professor also told that the notice was temporary and would have been removed after discussion with the students on the matter. A general body meeting regarding this had already been conducted on Thursday. Additionally, the notice also prohibited eating, sleeping, bullying or any other indecent behaviour in the common room, and warned of disciplinary action against those violating the rules.


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