The Instruction Manual of Using a Guide for Exams

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This is the only instruction manual which you should endeavour to read; for it is muddled with the dos and don’ts of using your favourite reading material!

Exam preparation follows a repetitive trajectory: high hopes of finishing the syllabus, struggling to even commence with the schedule, and finally employing the controversial referencing of the guide books. It is an old story, the same story. For a major section of students, the semester knowledge begins and ends with these ‘help books.’ While the usage of only guides for studying calls for another debate on educational reforms, one can’t deny the fact they are not completely useless and obstructive to learning. How to extract its pros without falling prey to its temptation? Have a look!

  1. The productivity of guide books lies in the basic concept of limited usage. Designed to be the extra something to do before exams, they are the framework which can be followed for comprehending the expanse of the syllabus. Instead, we treat them to be the magic book which contains all tailor-made answers.
  2. Do not depend on the text of the guide and take it as the gospel truth. Time and again, educational content is known to vary between different books and authors, and the golden rule instructs you to abide by the information echoed within the four walls of the classroom. Hence, just because it is written in the guide does not grant it authenticity.
  3. The prime time to use this falls after your basic preparation has been finished and before you proceed to take your exam. The book can do wonders if one has to revise a concept or go over questions to solidify the foundational concepts. It can be the perfect revision manual to help you sort the myriad topics now assimilated in your head.
  4. Your indolence might prevent you from finishing this step, however, endeavour to achieve it this year. Cementing your concepts and inducing confidence, skimming through the past years’ examination papers is one of the many things your teachers shall reiterate over the semester. Ascertaining a basic idea of what may come and in what shape and form can help you prepare beforehand about the key pointers of your answers.


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