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The Guide to Making a Study Schedule

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Lost in the maelstrom of books, readings, and incessant notes? Begin this journey with our manual and prepare a time-management device to save your lives!

With less than a month to go for the annual exams to commence and a dark pall of cover to hover over our lives, students can be seen squandering around photocopying notes and purchasing guides. The undeniable truth of a study cycle proclaims that once you kick-start the journey of studying, everything will fall into place. Thus, it is only the beginner’s bewilderment which poses questions of what to do, when to do, and how to do. Enter: Time Management. It is an art which harbours the ability to save lives, and many have tried and failed (yours truly!) But they say experience makes perfect, and the first lesson in the art involves pragmatic scheduling.


Your borderline anxiety and nervousness have led you to consciously manage your time, however, be rational in your approach. Don’t overestimate or underestimate your daily capability, and distribute the syllabus coverage in a systematic fashion. Also, refer to the calendar as you draw out your study schedule; accounting for weekends, coaching classes, or social commitments.


If you haven’t endeavoured to explore the depths of your textbook or even purchase them, now would be a good time to complete these requisites. Scheduling requires you to have a foundational idea of what lies ahead. Avoid attributing a day for a chapter which requires greater attention or vice-versa. Have a sound estimation of the topics where you lack, and devote more time to them.


Work on the aesthetics of the planner you shall be following for the next month. Usage of post-its, colourful pens, and other stationery items is highly encouraged to offer you a satisfactory experience. Mark in bold or italics the examination dates and work around them for syllabus allotment. List down the syllabus’ fragments that shall help you in the allotment. Don’t treat the Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course or the Generic Elective lightly, for they carry equal weightage. Leave a day or two before the exam for revision, and this should give you a helpful start!


Fancy your preparation to be like a Jenga, with every entry in your schedule as the bricks. The failure to adhere to it might cause your Jenga to fall, and your examination aspirations shall experience a similar fate. It is a human virtue to minimalise the importance of things due to their lackadaisical attitude. Avoid the temptation to leave a certain chunk of your daily task or the whole work for the next day, for it has a domino effect on the subsequent targets.

What are you waiting for? Ready, set, schedule!


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