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College Trips: Exploring new places and people!

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Setting a new paradigm to the conventional education system, departmental tours and college trips have increasingly become a part of a student’s life.These serve as a source of recreation after weeks and months of classroom studies. College years are the best time to travel. Getting permission from parents is not that tough and there is no boss yet to cancel your leave request. The cost isn’t much either, so if you can sort out the money issue, the road is open.

College is that time in your life when you’re no more a child but still not an adult. Travelling to different parts of the country, seeing new things and meeting new people can go a long way in shaping you as a person.

Some places to visit with your group of friends to mark the most beautiful days of student life are as follows:

1. If your group seeks small time spooky thrills, pack your bags and visit India’s most famous haunted place, the ruins of Bhangarh! Located in Alwar, Rajasthan, you need to be around the place after sundown for some serious adrenaline rush. The trip to Bhangarh can be completed within Rs.5,000 per person.

2. Go skiing in the Himalayan mountains of Auli, Uttaranchal, and nobody will be able to catch up with you! Surrounded with magnificent Oak forests and enthralling views of Mana Parbat and Neelkanth, Auli is one of the best skiing destinations of India. The trip can be covered under RS. 5,000 if you are a large group of people.

3. College life is the best time to explore the unexplored. If never-ending stretches of sand is your calling, then you should definitely visit Rajasthan! Camping on stretches of nothingness under gleaming stars will make you appreciate the raw beauty of India even more. Oh and the desert safari in Bikaner and Jaisalmer can be covered within a bare minimum of Rs.5,000-8,000.

4. There are glaciers and there are rivers, but Chadar, a stretch along the Zanskar River in Jammu and Kashmir, has both. Its path links a series of villages in the remote Zanskar Valley. The Chadar trek is over ice, rock and water and is rated very highly by adventurers. Build your physical strength and stamina before you get there to have the gorgeous view of the valley and the experience you will never forget. This trek can at most cost Rs. 25,000 per person including equipment for the trek.

5. Not a very well known tourist spot, Meghalaya is nevertheless an extremely beautiful part of the country. Visit the majestic caves in Mawsmai, Siju, Krem Mawmluh and Krem Liat Prah, home to many stunning natural formations and endemic plant and animal life. A trip to Meghalaya can cost around Rs. 8,000-10,000.

6. Camping in Ranikhet, Almora and spending exciting and blissful moments with friends among the stunning locales of Ranikhet will be a beautiful experience. Also known as the ‘Queen’s Meadow’, Ranikhet is extremely popular for its magical beauty and camping destinations. This trip can be completed under an expense of Rs. 8,000-10,000.

7. Shimla’s Jakhoo Hill is yet another quintessential destination to travel within a college budget. Nestled amidst lush and evergreen pine forests, a trek to the peak is an astounding experience that can cost a minimum of Rs. 5,000-8,000.

8. Call Palampur the ‘Tea Capital of North India’ or the ‘Land of Streams’. At the confluence of the hills and the plains, it is an easy destination that can be best explored by college students, with a treak to the Birni Devi Temple during the earliest hours of the day. This trip can be covered within Rs. 4,000-6,000.

9. Ziplining in Kikar,Chandigargh is for the adrenaline junkies who wish to enjoy the excitement of the longest zipline in South Asia. The breeze fondling your senses while sliding down the zip will curate some of the most memorable moments of student life. This trip may cost at most Rs. 5,000-7,000.

10. The Silk Route is one amazing trip to go on in Eastern India. This is an ancient hilly road in Sikkim which is becoming extremely popular among the people. You can indulge in the place which has pure beauty and you may discover yourself in a completely new aspect. This route has a rare combination of the history of man’s civilisation and the beauty of nature. A bare minimum of Rs. 6,000-8,000 will be the expense of the trip.

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